I am a former cheerleader – I tried on my old high school costumes and found a trick to cover my…

A FORMER cheerleader has shown off her old high school clothes in a retro look.

The influencer, known as TheLaceyClaire5 on TikTok, was left red-faced after her jeans left her shirt exposed.

But, in a video that went viral, she told viewers she was “embarrassed” when her bra was shown.

The bra was left in the open after she had been struggling to cover up her jeans for the past ten years.

But, she was able to cover her balls when she sported Victoria’s Secret Pink.

Claire said: “I remember getting this for Christmas when I was 15.”

The fashionista also took off her white Uggs and tried on the same color dress she used to wear when she was in seventh grade.

Fans joked that Claire’s outfit was “just right in 2012” while describing her outfit as “awesome.”

While some were surprised that many of the things shown in her transport were relevant years later.

Responding to one message, Claire admitted that she doesn’t know why she wore skinny jeans in the 2010s.

The U.S. They shared the story of how the influencer tried on her old cheerleader outfit – ten years on from her time on the team.

In the video that went viral, she goes down memory lane and tries to fit in some old clothes, but she says one is not comfortable at all.

Claire tried on a vintage pantsuit and cheerleader outfit consisting of a purple and black skirt and a top that read Wild Cats.

Then, she tried on another version – a purple skirt and a white top with a wild logo.

Claire said: “It’s nothing to be proud of. I feel like the small amplifier is too much. It’s a little too big.”

She stated that the dress reminded her of High School Musical.

And TikToker Allie Cat tried on an old Hooters shirt from 10 years ago and her fans thought she looked like her.

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