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The Wayne County Elementary Cheerleading Team has been breaking the mold this year. Not only was this the first year the group was formed, but they were so successful that they went to the national competition.

After the girls competed at the KaPOS Regional Competition in November in Rockcastle County where they took first place, they had the opportunity to continue. On Saturday, December 17, they earned fourth place in the state in the Elementary Game Day Cheer category.

The team is made up of 23 girls from grades 3-5 at Monticello Elementary. This is the first-ever team from Wayne County. The team has been training two days a week since last April’s tryout. There were more than 50 girls who participated in the experiment. They started their season with 31 cheerleaders and the championship team was reduced to 23 cheerleaders.

These girls enjoy 6th grade football and some 6th grade basketball games. WCMS Teacher Bethany Shearer is the head coach, as well as the head coach of the Wayne County Middle School team. She is assisted by elementary school teachers Kelly Brown and middle school teacher Juanelle Smith. They have five fifth grade girls who are happy on the elementary and middle school teams.

Congratulations to these teams for all the time and effort they put into this game. The competition team includes Cora Alley, Kate Brown, Daisy Burks, Raelan Buswell, Gracie Corder, Adalyn Elam, Cassidy Elam, Khloeigh Foster, Braelyn Gregory, Lyric Gregory, Aubrey Hardwick, Helina Hegl, Emmalyn Lair, Aubree Mann, Blakelee Miller, Serenity. Parmley, Addison Peyton, Danika Rhule, Liberty Sanders, Rileigh Stephenson, Riley Tucker, Amberly Vaughn, and Emma Walters.

Special thanks to Coach Bethany Shearer for expanding the Wayne County Schools cheerleading program. He especially appreciates all the time and dedication the cheerleaders and their parents have invested in this new program.

How long is a competitive cheer season?

The competitive gym season can start as early as August and can last until April. Most gyms will start with a local competition, then enter a district or regional competition, and then save the national competition until the end of the season. See the article : Sourpus, Cheerleaders, and the Magic Formula for Boosting Creativity. The norm is to enter between 5 and 10 competitions in a season.

How many years can you compete in Navarro? You get five years of eligibility to compete, and three of those can be at the junior college level.

How long is the happy season? The Tournament season usually starts in the late fall (October/November) and continues into the spring (April/May). As a member of the competitive cheer program, athletes compete locally against other cheerleading organizations from around the world and travel to out-of-state events to compete at the national level.

How long are cheer Episodes Season 2? In all two seasons of Cheer, there are 12 episodes that fans can sit down to watch. Each session lasts an hour.

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What are the different types of cheer?

Although they all share some of the same concepts—crashing, falling, being happy, and moving around again. To see also : Blake: What sport could be ‘next’ in the NCHSAA? Looking at 11 candidates.

  • RECREATIONAL CHEERLEADING. Let’s start with cheerleading. …
  • grade LEADING SCHOOL. …

What is the hardest place to cheer? What is the hardest position in cheerleading? Many people would argue that the most difficult area in cheerleading is the base. Every stunt needs a solid foundation to succeed! Bases must have strong feet, strong grip, and be able to hold the paper at any time during the process.

How many levels of happiness are there? Allstar Cheerleading is divided into 7 different levels, where each level allows a different skill to be performed. In this section, we will cover levels 1-7 and explain how they differ from each other.

What is Level 3 cheer?

step 3- requirements are, Falling: Round-off back tuck, standing 2 or more back handsprings Limping: extending one leg (including all your flexibility), tick-tocks from the chin, all the way to your arms locked out. Read also : The Bishop Gorman cheerleaders will perform at the Citrus Bowl. above your head, hand and hand joined in front of the flip, full up, twisted down beast, and …

What age is level 3?

What are Level 4 cheer skills? Level 4 Specialty Pass. Tuck stopped. Round off Back Handspring Layout. Punch Front RO BHS Tuck.

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