NFL broadcasts rarely show viewers what they most want to see

Breakfast is on me, this morning. Everyone gets a piece of my mind.

Sunday, at the end of Jets-Bills on CBS, there was only one reason to stick around: To see beat Jets QB Mike White face off against opponents, including opposing QB Josh Allen, who likely knew and congratulated White above-and-beyond. determination.

Consider that when White left injured in the third quarter, Tony Romo said, “He’s not coming back today.” So at the end of the game, White is back and somehow still completing the pass even though the ribs are crying for mercy, White was the last story that could not be missed.

But as White was shown crossing the field toward the Bills, CBS cut completely to the full screen of “The AFC Playoff Picture.” Sanctuary!

The next Sunday game, here, Bucs-Niners on Fox, was impossible, even given the Sunday lessons. Tom Brady, throwing what they used to call “medicine balls” – passes that left receivers injured – and the last kid drafted, 22-year-old Brock Purdy, throwing three TDs in his first, 35-7 pounding.

And at the end of the game, as Purdy was seen crossing the field, looking for Brady – again, the only shot to stick – Fox was blocked for commercials. We couldn’t wait another 10 seconds!

But sports TV, in its highest levels, has never been unbiased, indifferent, ignorant of the state of sports.

Jets-Bills was the latest in the third-down-and-crowd-shoot formulaic works. When it’s most important to stay on the field, shoot the crowd watching the field!

Over to Eagles-Giants where Fox was doing the same thing, except it added live split shows to create a reduced viewing experience of two things at once. Fox didn’t include instructions on which side to look at since we can’t see two things at the same time, a fact that has escaped TV since it started trying to exploit the fact that our eyes work independently.

Commentary on most NFL television shows is still poor as it favors selfish, stupid players over viewers.

As the Giants clearly outplayed Trenton and the Eagles, Fox’s Joe Davis and Daryl Johnston refused to notice what we couldn’t miss: the score did not prevent the Giants from celebrating themselves.

Down 27-7, Giants WRs Richie James then Isaiah Hodgins caught passes that were done with a timeout, the TV-inspired industry cliché of getting up to make check-me-out first-down gestures.

At 34-14, LB Azeez Ojulari sacked Philly QB Jalen Hurts and then played sacks as if he had just conquered the Baltic Sea or the Gowanus Canal.

For all that Johnston has to say every week, he is always arguing against the morals of selfless selfishness. Never offend offensively!

As for fixing the need for “creative style,” it is clear, at this point, that it is not curable, so, in order to continue to see, we must change, perhaps starting with our Sunday clothes. “Hello. I’m looking for something in Moron, Extra-Large.”

Sullivan, Griffin proof double standards alive & well

Another week of choice, it provokes double justice. This may interest you : I’m a former NFL cheerleader – people always make cruel comments when they see me at my college….

Jerry Sullivan, a sports reporter for two Buffalo area newspapers and a radio host, was fired from all three gigs after answering a listener’s question on a podcast about female fans:

“Ladies, be better than this. Because the worst fans are women. They don’t take critical news. They all want to be cheerleaders, right? You know what I mean?

“Always – it’s a dangerous way to go down, to criticize women in general, because they are better than men, in general – but they don’t find themselves as role models.”

When I was younger, I didn’t find this offensive, it’s just a sense of vulnerability with a perfect judgment in favor of women. And what happened in my own life – an older sister, twins, a wife, two daughters, and now two grandchildren, single – are in concert with Sullivan: bless their hearts, they don’t get it.

Does that mean I hate women? Exiting the interview to follow up? You can’t fire me! I have a wife and daughters!

My nephew, the QB of his high school team, was playing one afternoon, when the other team was called for offsides. My brother, a QB’s mom and has seen a lot of games, started yelling, “You dirty players!”

I tried to explain to him that offsides are not dirty – no more than Sullivan’s, this week. But Sullivan was sent off for, basically, being offsides.

Then there’s ESPN football analyst Robert Griffin III, a black man, who Monday night dropped an old joke that many black people haven’t heard in decades.

More than three days later, we had not heard from ESPN about Griffin’s punishment, if any, since ESPN remains the home of race and gender double.

ESPN took a single day to burn and destroy the career, reputation and life of longtime tennis analyst Doug Adler as a racist for calling Venus Williams a “gorilla,” a lie — a lie — spread by the careless New York Times column. Adler praised him for surprise-attacking the network through a “terrorist approach.”

But Griffin’s apology for something real was all that was needed. Well, go ahead. However, Adler’s shooting does not stop at all. Did ESPN even know — or care — that Adler was an annual tennis coach for poor black kids in Washington, DC?

The NBA Kings fired 30-year-old broadcaster Grant Napear after he, during the George Floyd rampage, had the temerity to say “All Lives Matter … Every One!” He explained that he couldn’t help it, saying, “That’s how I was raised.” Same here. Shame on my parents.

Again, seeking equality through apparent inequality is a fool’s errand, but here we go.

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Some sound advice for announcers: Shhhhhhhh!

Regardless of the game, TV now encourages its announcers to talk nonsense about themselves. Read also : A new year brings change for Diocese of Wilmington athletics as new coaches and athletic directors prepare to take the reins.

The Portugal-Morocco World Cup match on Saturday had a few minutes when Portugal’s advantage led analyst Aly Wagner to this: “The first goal was what Portugal needed.”

He must have slipped a copy of the game plan! He said such things everywhere.

NBC’s Olympic-buildup coverage of Alpine skiing was lost to the yak according to analysts throughout the run.

Alpine skiing used to be a TV attraction because of its natural feel of speed, our ability to judge snow as thick or powdery based on what we could feel in a quick turn. We were course-side eye-and-ear witnesses. No!

CBS, Sunday, seemed to turn up the volume on Tony Romo’s microphone.

It’s rare to hear or read a good thing about short-time great college football coach Mike Leach – quite the opposite – until this week, he died. I didn’t know he was such a lovely person.

Not that anyone near or above Fox Sports knows bad from bad, but No. “Women and children at last!”

Quote of the Week, from visiting free agent Odell Beckham Jr.: “I want to be in a comfortable position.” Yes, there is no one who is more comfortable than him! Unless he was talking about the Aqueduct.

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Are people still watching football?

If you look at the television viewing figures, the NFL continues to circulate strongly as fans continue to choose football. In the first week of September, the top two shows in the Nielsen ratings were NFL games. Read also : Deaf Sacred Heart University student creates cheerleading squad …. Numbers three and four were the NFL pregame show.

How many people watch football 2022? In the 2022 tournament in Qatar, viewers are estimated to be 5 billion worldwide, making an average of 227.27 million per day.

Is the NFL gaining popularity? it continues to be “globally exciting,†and no season has “ever been as global” as the 2022 season, according to Jose Romero of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC.

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What sport has the most viewers?

Top-10 List of Most Popular Sports in the World

  • Soccer / Association Football. 3.5 billion. Europe, Africa, Asia, America.
  • Cricket. 2.5 billion. Asia, Australia, UK.
  • Field Hockey. 2 Billion. Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia.
  • Tennis. 1 Billion. …
  • Volleyball. 900 Million. …
  • Table Tennis. 850 Million. …
  • Baseball. 500 Million.

What is the #1 game in the world? Soccer/Soccer 250 million people play this game in 200 different countries, and there are 3.5 billion fans worldwide. The next three most popular sports are field hockey, with 2.2 billion fans worldwide, basketball, and cricket, with 2.5 billion fans (2.5 billion).

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