The suspension for the VSU cheerleading squad has been lifted

The Woo Woos, Virginia State University’s cheerleading squad, have been temporarily suspended from Trojans football games following a complaint that veterans were hazing new members, the Free Press has learned.

However, the suspension has already been lifted as the Woo Woos are now featured as a participant when the Trojans are scheduled to travel to Elizabeth City State University for a game at 1 p.m. Saturday October 22.

The Woo Woos did not participate in the Oct. 8 homecoming game with Bowie State or the Oct. 15 away game at Chowan. VSU never announced the suspension and did not respond to questions from Free Press. Details of the complaint that led to the suspension were never shared on social media either.

Saturday’s soccer game is a new addition to the cheering schedule listed on Woo Woos’ page on On Monday, the Woo Woos were only listed as cheering in other upcoming competitions, including a softball game, a golf game and two volleyball competitions.

The Woo Woos have been VSU’s cheerleading team since 1974, according to information posted on the group’s page. The Free Press was told by former team members and coaches that the suspension was the first for the 48-year-old group.

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