Cheerleading can’t really be considered a sport [column]

The most fundamental aspect of a sport is competition. Going back to early sports – whether it was a foot race, wrestling or even archery – the shared characteristic was competition. And that competition could simply be determined by who was faster, who was stronger and who had better aim.

My questions: Where is the competition in cheerleading? And how do we objectively measure who wins in cheerleading?

That’s the key – that’s the pivot. There is no way to measure, without subjectivity, who cheers better. They are not competing against the opposing cheer squad to see who has the best performance. Cheerleaders support and encourage their team, while also rousing the crowd.

And whether the team wins – well, unfortunately, that has nothing to do with how well the cheerleaders did.

If members of the student section start doing tricks and backflips and screaming their heads off trying to help their team win, they are not participating in a sport. They just cheer for their team.

Particularly in high school, cheerleaders may not be allowed to do half the acrobatic or athletic tricks and stunts that make cheerleading so impressive. For the most part, high school cheerleaders end up doing their own personal celebrations while shouting cheers. This makes it an extremely disorganized team sport – if it were to be classified as one.

As for actual competitions, only about 15% of cheerleaders in the United States compete, according to the survey. In my view, this is not nearly enough to qualify it as a sport. Most cheerleaders are just glorified fans who can jump and do some tricks. I’m not sure what you would call that, but I believe it just doesn’t qualify as a sport.

Additionally, cheerleading is not recognized as a sport by the NCAA. The NCAA does not sanction any cheerleading activity. Cheerleading programs are clubs associated with colleges.

Many people have the misconception that cheerleading is a sport because members have practices and attend sporting events.

Cheerleading also does not meet the requirements of a sport under Title IX. Specifically, at the high school level, the Office for Civil Rights “has not certified Traditional Cheerleading as counting as an interscholastic sport under Title IX in any state.”

Yes, cheerleading is hard and takes a lot of practice. I do not want to delegitimize the efforts of young people who participate in that activity. And yes, it requires a degree of athleticism that not everyone can have. Absolutely, cheerleading is even more physically dangerous than some sports.

But, it simply lacks that unique and key aspect of sports: objective and measurable competition.

Jadon Burkholder is in the 12th grade at Garden Spot High School.

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What is the 2nd hardest sport?

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