School puts Dirty in the driver’s seat and her daughter is the biggest cheerleader

08 January 2023, 01:05 PM IST

Suja’s daughter Ahija | Photo: MP Unnikrishnan This may interest you : O-Zone: getting by.

Thiruvananthapuram: Ahija was at school to see her mother’s first day at her new job. Suja took a short trip on the school grounds with the students.

Suja is going to be a school bus driver for her daughter’s school. She says having the confidence to push through all the odds helps her move forward in life.

Minister GR Anil handed over the key of the bus bought with PTA fund. Ahija is a 12th standard student of GHSS, Cotton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram.

Suja had already told her husband Alphonse before their marriage that she wanted to get a license to drive a heavy motor vehicle. He has the full support of his family.

Suja’s first job was as an empaneled employee at KSRTC. When she was off duty, Suja drove SheTaxis. However, in 2018, KSRTC expelled empaneled employees. After that, she opened a chicken stand with the help of her husband. Suja was driving a truck from Tamil Nadu to transport chicken.

With the second wave of Covid-19, Suja’s family faced financial difficulties. In 2022, he joined the Montessori school in Plamood to pay off his debts. There she started a Montissori teacher training course. After completing this course, he completed a course in psychological counseling.

He applied for a position as a school bus driver at Cotton Hill School after seeing an ad in the newspaper. His son Ahij is an engineering student at Mohandas College of Engineering. Suja’s husband Alphonse runs a chicken stall.

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