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A FORMER NFL cheerleader has shared the cruel and sexist comments she has heard while wearing the uniform.

Hannah Miller has retired as a professional cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but she hasn’t forgotten what people would say to her based on her cheerleading uniform and appearance.

Hannah played for the Buccaneers for two seasons until March 2022, and before that she cheered for Mississippi State’s college football team.

Referring to her NFL years, she made a TikTok video with the caption: “Just *was* in my uniform as an NFL cheerleader.”

Although she didn’t show off her form here, past Instagram posts and professional photos have shown her typical look.

Hannah’s Buccaneer uniform consisted of a red halter crop top and matching leggings.

The high neck sleeveless top was cut more like a sports bra, revealing her upper stomach. And the high-waisted leggings reached her ankles.

The skin-tight pieces featured skull and pirate graphics in red, white and black. They were also paired with a silver bombshell and a matching face mask.

Although it’s one of the least revealing NFL cheer uniforms, Hannah was still appreciated for it.

The video transitioned to a main photo of a middle-aged man with text mimicking what the men have said to Hanna.

“I better not tell my wife I was around you girls,” the scrawled text read.

Next, Hannah added a photo of a middle-aged woman, writing: “You poor girls don’t get paid much do they?” concluding that showing skin isn’t worth it.

Hannah also showed a comparison photo of how women her age would look at her when she was in shape.

The photo showed Mean Girls characters Regina, Gretchen and Karen staring and looking revolted.

And another thing he’s heard that wasn’t necessarily directed at him was older men saying, “I can’t believe there are men on NFL cheerleading squads now. That’s not who I want to see.”

Many cheerleaders commented on Hannah’s video, reporting similar experiences.

“I’ve never seen anything more accurate,” someone wrote, which was echoed by many other people.

“Lmaooooo I’m screaming. I’ll never forget being asked during a TV interview if we’re getting paid and my head almost exploded from the audacity,” she added.

And one male cheerleader responded to a sexist comment about men by agreeing, but adding: “They’re still looking.”

Who is the oldest Cowboy cheerleader?

Laura Vikmanis
BornLaura Lynette Vikmanis 10 Sep 1968 Springboro, Ohio
Alma materCalifornia State University, Long Beach

How many years can you be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader? How long can you be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? The average tenure is three years, but I know a couple of women who cheered after ten years. Read also : Be your biggest cheerleader: marathon great Kipchoge says after LG/SJAK ruling.

Who is the oldest cheerleader? NEW ORLEANS – Leonel Muralles, corporate wellness supervisor at Ochsner Health System, is proudly wearing black and gold as a second-year member of the New Orleans Saints Cheer Krewe. Muralles, 43, is officially the oldest cheerleader in the NFL.

What’s the average age of an NFL cheerleader?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a professional cheerleader in the NFL? It is more than just a popular uprising. Here are the most interesting facts and requirements to join an NFL franchise. On the same subject : From QB Factory to Front Office Factory? Eagles Lose Player Staff VP | Huddle birds. Cheerleaders on some teams may be 18-19 years old, but the average age of NFL cheerleaders is 25.

Can I be a cheerleader at 25? Ages 18 and up: It’s never too late to try cheer! Whether you’re already a seasoned athlete in another sport or just ready to find out why cheerleaders really smile throughout their routine, expect to work hard and have a JAWesome time! Be prepared to marvel at the strength and artistry of your body and mind.

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Is being a professional cheerleader a full time job?

Despite the demands of cheerleading, NFL teams stress that it’s not a full-time job. On the same subject : Photos: Relax and Celebrate! The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders perform at the opening ceremonies of training camp. In fact, cheerleaders are often in demand for other jobs or college students.

Is a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader a full-time job? Is a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader a full-time job? No, most cheerleaders work part-time or full-time or attend college.

Is professional cheerleading a full-time job? Most NFL cheerleading teams are part-time jobs.

How long can you be a professional cheerleader? But women have a short window of time to become professional cheerleaders, usually in their early 20s to mid-30s, but only for so long. The average tenure is three years, but I know a couple of women who cheered for 10. They are the exception.

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