Ravens Friday Transcripts: Week 11 vs. Carolina Panthers (11/18)

Opening statement: “Good to see everyone; I appreciate you guys being here. What questions do you have?”

We didn’t see QB Lamar Jackson in practice. Any updates on him? (Jamison Hensley) _”Yeah, he’s sick, so he can’t go. He’ll be fine on Sunday. _(Reporter: “Do you expect him to play on Sunday?”) Oh yeah. He tried to practice, but he’s too sick.”

You’re up against a familiar face in Bozeman’s C Bradley. How to prepare him? _(Jamison Hensley) _”Yeah, yeah. Nice to see him on tape. [He’s] playing really well, like he always does. Obviously, it’s going to be a big challenge for us, but a lot of respect to Brad [Bozeman] and thanks very much for everything he did here as a player. Then also, he and his wife Nikki obviously with the bullying campaign they did; it was really meaningful”.

It’s going to be 36 degrees on Sunday. How can the key run the ball and punish the defense? (Todd Karpovich) “It’s very important. I saw some articles written about, ‘The running back in the NFL,’ or what and I don’t know … If it ever goes, it doesn’t have to. You have to be able to run the ball; You have to can stop the run. So, [Baltimore and Carolina] are two teams that believe in that, obviously, and it will be quite a matchup in that sense.”

Greg Roman was excited yesterday when we asked him about TE Josh Oliver, talking about how he earned a roster spot during training camp. What do you feel he has done this year to assert himself? _(Childs Walker) _”He’s a great guy to talk to. Here’s a guy, [after] three years in the league for various reasons hasn’t gotten over the hump yet. [He] came in here, kind of an underdog, maybe. Nobody’s talking about him; you guys haven’t been talking about him too much, right? He’s just been doing nothing but working really hard since he got here, and then through the offseason and training camp. His talent is starting to shine. He’s playing at a high level ; he’s one of the better ends in football right now. We really have a deep tight end room … It’s crazy how deep our tight end room is. For him to get the playing time he has that room even says more I think.”

It looks like the bye week might be beneficial for CB Marcus Peters, who has been on numerous injury reports and only missed one day this week to rest. Do you think the bye week comes at a good time for him to get back to the strength he once was? (Jonas Shaffer) “Maybe. I give him a lot of credit. I feel like Marcus [Peters] is coming off his ACL, yes he’s healthy, and he’s ready to play and everything, but it’s hard to be full speed. back to normal right away, even if you’ve healthy enough to play. He played through it. To me, it says a lot about who he is as a football player and a person. I told him last week [that] I feel like he’s back. He looks like he’s really moving well, and he ready to roll, but I think [the bye week] helped him. It’s a good point, and it seems like he’s good to go.”

We saw TE Mark Andrews out there at the start of practice. What are your expectations for Sunday for him? _(Jamison Hensley)_”We’ll wait until Sunday to say for sure, but Mark [Andrews] was out there. [He] took quite a few reps, and Gus [Edwards] was out there limited. Of course, I I plan that people -that person is coming back, but I don’t want to go forward yet.”

OLB Justin Houston talked a lot about how God is pushing him to come back and play this season. As a person of faith yourself, do you speak with him? _(Ryan Mink) _”It’s not something we talked about specifically, other than that he told me, the same thing that you heard, and the conversation that he had when he came back and how determined he was to do it. right, so to speak; do it for the glory of God and his family. Throw yourself into it full-fledged in terms of how hard you work… It’s like anything else; what you put it usually is what you get out; what you reap is what what you sow, in the end. There are always storms along the way, but watching it happen is a good thing. It’s a good story. Hopefully it’s one of those things that parents can talk to their kids about and say, ‘Look, this is what’s going on here, and this is how it’s supposed to go.’ I know he’s full of joy, playing with great joy out there and enjoying every minute and living in the moment. We just love to see that.

It looks like the fans traveled really well to Tampa and New Orleans. Is that an extra boost for you to be able to come off a bye week and play in front of a home crowd? (Rocco DiSangro)”Yes, it’s great. Our fans are great. It’s going to be great to be at home – no question about it. It’s going to be cool. I want a bunch of fans to be there. (laughs) There and in the first seats . Don’t come late; come early. And, dress warm. But the New Orleans trip, then the Tampa trip … We went well, especially [to] the South, but, man, It’s almost stunning. Even on the road … I look out of my hotel, and I’ll see Ravens fans everywhere in New Orleans. It’s not quite like the [2012] Super Bowl, but it’s kind of a good memory of that. So, our fans are pretty amazing, and we’re going to need them . We will need them down the landscape, home and away. So, thank you.”

I don’t know if you like football, but the World Cup is coming. Do you have any expectations for Team USA? (David Andrade)”I’m looking forward to the World Cup – I have to be honest with you – and if we don’t get it, I’ll have some questions to ask. (laughs) I’m going to have some questions. I won’t be a critic. But , I expect nothing but the world championship. Is that unfair?”(Reporter: “Yes.” – laughs) “It’s a little unfair? (laughs) OK, well, we’ll lower the expectations a little bit. But I’m watching it. I actually got a soccer channel from the Major League. I watch it a little too. It’s a great sport.” (Reporter: “Do you have a club?”) “No, I don’t. I won’t haphazardly jump into it. I need to do more research. I want to follow the club for the right reasons. Do you have any suggestions?” (Jamison Hensley, ESPN: “I love West Ham.”)” West Ham? ] and I went and saw them play. I was at the West Ham game, and so I adopted them. “) “You adopted them for the right reason. ” (Hensley: “Yeah, you’re wearing the … The home team, you’re wearing the home team’s jersey over there.”) “So, you all are now.” (Hensley: “Yes.”) “Good. Well, I’ll take a look at them and consider it. (laughs) Yes, I appreciate that. I’d really like to be with the winner. Is that the right thing? (laughs) Well, until see you.”

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