CHS Athletes To Compete At State Championships On Thursday

The Coleman High School cheerleaders will compete in the 2023 UIL Spirit State Championships on Thursday at the Ft. Worth Convention Center. They compete in the GAME DAY section, which is scored in 3 sections – Band Dance, Cheer, Fight Song. Coach Jeanie Stevenson gave this description of her competition, “Our goal is to encourage crowd participation, emphasizing the traditional role that cheerleaders have on the sidelines and in schools while supporting athletic teams. The competition of the day of the game focuses on the unity of the overall performance of the team to promote the driving spirit of the crowd.” We wish the Coleman High School Cheerleaders GOOD LUCK! Below, in several different links, and attached is information provided by the UIL Spirit division:

UIL Spirit State Championships Information

AUSTIN – The 2023 UIL Spirit State Championship will take place January 12-14 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. This marks the fifth year Spirit will be an official UIL competition. The schedule is as follows:

A full schedule and order of performance can be found attached. (Coleman is listed on p. 5 of the attached document.)  You can also download the show order to see the schedule for the entire competition: /schedules

Tickets: All tickets are $15 per day. Children 2 and under will be admitted FREE. To buy tickets Click here.

Live Webcast: NFHS Network will provide a live webcast of the UIL Spirit State Championship from the Fort Worth Convention Center. Fans, family and alumni who were unable to attend can watch the UIL Spirit State Championships live online with a subscription at

What level should a 12 year old be in cheer?

Junior: Ages five to 14. On the same subject : Auburn University cheerleader aspiring chef beats cancer with help from UAB. Senior: Ages 11 to 18 (Depending on level.

Can I start all star cheer at 12? One of the best things about cheerleading – of all things – is that you can join the sport at any age!

What age is Level 4 Cheer?

What level is 4.2 in cheer?

Level 4.2 combines level 4 stunting and level 2 tumbling in the same routine. This level is not as common as the others, but also a part of events like The Summit and D2 Summit. See the article : Falcons release depth chart heading into Week 3 of 2022 NFL regular season. Stunting skills are the same as level 4 (see below) and tumbling skills are the same as level 2 (see above).

What is Level 4 Cheer tumbling? Advanced Level 4 Tumbling Skills Multiple jumps to a Back Handspring Tuck. Jumps must be average or above average to correctly perform this skill. Punch Front Step Out Round Back Handspring to a layout. Frontal Walkover Rounds the Back Handspring to a Layout. Running Whip to Layout.

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How long do cheer tryouts last?

Testing is a great way to start a new year. On the same subject : 2021 Patriots Cheerleaders Year in Review. Depending on the coach or cheerleading advisor at your school, the tryout date can be scheduled anytime from late winter to early spring, and the process usually takes a full week.

What to expect during the joy test? A standard test will include learning and performing a few claps and possibly doing a short dance, basic jumps, stunting, or tumbling. When and where are tryouts held: Tryouts are often held either after school or in the evening, depending on when the coaches are available.

What can you not do in tests of joy? Here are 10 things not to do at rehearsals!

  • Don’t go out in makeup. Everyone in the world of joy knows: eyes, lips and cheeks are a must. …
  • NOT the wing. …
  • DO NOT stay up late the night before. …
  • Don’t skip breakfast. …
  • Don’t stress too much. …
  • Don’t be prepared. …
  • DO NOT frown. …
  • Don’t wear unnecessary accessories.

Are you going to flip to be a cheerleader? Usually you don’t have to do tumbling, but it can count as extra points. So you should know how to do a backbend, a cartwheel, a roundup, a handstand, and possibly walking on your hands and a backspring.

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