I’m still standing in my old high school cheerleading uniform and I’m thrilled – people say I look great…

A YOUNG woman has shared her excitement after discovering she could still fit into her old cheering uniform.

TikTok user @NeshaLashay00 modeled the look from her high school cheer days.

“When you can still fit into your high school cheer uniform,” Nesha wrote in her video.

The influencer excitedly danced around as she modeled her old look.

Nesha modeled the long-sleeved baby blue top with white and gray panels.

The TikToker’s high school team, the Rebels, can be seen written across the chest.

She also showed off the matching baby blue skirt with an asymmetrical hem.

“Where are my AND CHEERLEADERS?” Nesha asked in the caption of the clip.

Her followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the look.

“Now that’s unbelievable,” wrote one impressed viewer.

Referring to Nesha’s dancing content, another user said: “Ohhhh that’s why you eat us uppp lol.”

“I thought she must have been a cheerleader once. Then BAMMMM, this one. I knew it! Killing them!” a third person commented.

What are cheerleader uniforms called?

Cheerleaders prefer to wear either bodysuits or a tank top underneath. Leotards are also very popular among students who are part of cheerleading teams. This may interest you : The Case of the Unholy Cheerleader: Mahanoy’s Lessons and Student Speech. The teams also have custom cheerleading warm-up jackets that can identify the team and their supporters wherever they go.

What does a cheerleader uniform consist of? A cheer uniform consists of a sports top and bottom (pleated skirt or spandex shorts), cheer pants, cheer socks, and cheer shoes.

What are cheerleader pants called? Cheerleaders and coaches most often call these cheer panties “spankies,” but if you called them lollies or bloomers, you’d be talking about the same thing. Cheer panties became part of the uniform after cheer skirts shrunk from long and pleated to knee-length in the 1960s.

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What you will avoid in cheerleading?

Avoid dangerous surfaces Cheering on wet surfaces, such as wet grass or turf, can lead to serious injuries. On the same subject : Marietta High’s homecoming celebration is set to begin Monday. If these conditions exist, no pyramids, basket throws or other advanced gymnastic maneuvers should be attempted.

What not to do at cheer tryouts? Here are 10 things you shouldn’t do in tests!

  • DO NOT overdo the makeup. Everyone in the cheer world knows: eyes, lips and cheeks are a must. …
  • DO NOT wing it. …
  • DO NOT stay awake the night before. …
  • DO NOT skip breakfast. …
  • DO NOT overstress. …
  • DO NOT be unprepared. …
  • DO NOT frown. …
  • DO NOT use unnecessary accessories.

What are the do’s and don’ts of cheerleading? Be confident, loud and smile! Cheerleaders are supposed to bring positive attitudes to the game. “Do not wear excessive make-up, jewelry or stains on clothing; look put together and polished,” said senior cheerleader Veronica Lopreato. “Point your toes!

What are the precautions of cheerleading?

Safe cheerleading Always warm up and stretch before training, games and competitions. Practice in a place that has flooring that absorbs shock well – such as sprung flooring or 4-inch-thick landing mats on top of foam flooring. To see also : Review: ‘Madden NFL 23’ lives up to its name with a solid, but flawed, game. Never train on a basketball court or other hard surface.

Why do we need observed safety measures when performing cheer dancing? Most cheerleading practice areas are constructed with extremely hard surfaces. Athletes who fall during participation risk potentially dangerous injuries – particularly to knees, elbows or the head. Injuries can include damage to joints, broken bones or serious head and eye injuries.

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