Oklahoma Getting a grocery store, this is just online shopping

Is this the future of grocery shopping? Not even given the option to enter a store.

I’m still old school with my grocery shopping experience. Mainly for the fact that I might be walking through an aisle and spot something I want. Not going to get that with an online shopping experience. But no denying, it saves you time. Pay for it all online, tell them you’re there, and they bring it to you.

However, would you shop at the store that didn’t give you an option? You either shop online or you don’t shop there at all. That’s the concept of a new store opening in Edmond, Oklahoma this year. It’s called JackBe. Basically just drive through the store. You place your order online, you pull up to one of the windows, that kind of looks like Sonic Drive In. They scan your app, load up your car, and turn you off.

Now, I have no problem with companies moving forward with the times and having different options for foods. However, no in-store option at all? Is this a trend that could catch on across the country? I guess time will tell.

“By opening JackBe, we are introducing a new way for customers to shop that provides convenience….” JackBe CEO Alex Ruhter said in the news release. “We have studied customer needs and created a shopping experience that is specifically designed for busy people.” The plan is to open three stores like this throughout Oklahoma.

You don’t have to make a minimum order and there is no charge for collection. So if you want a gallon of milk, you can swing by and they’ll bring it out to you.

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