‘Electricity in your spine’: Gainesville man on UGA cheerleading squad describes national championship game atmosphere

Jan. 10 – White Super G flag in hand, Pete Alexander ran through Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium on Monday, Jan. 9, a night he described as “a once-in-a-lifetime experience” as a member of the University of Georgia cheerleading squad.

Georgia defeated TCU 65-7 on Monday, January 9, in Los Angeles in the national college football championship. This meant another national championship for the Bulldogs, who had played in three championship games since the College Football Playoff’s inception.

The first concern with a massive flag is not to trip and get it up in the air quickly, Alexander said.

While the flag itself isn’t too heavy to lift it yourself, there is a technique to deal with the bend and keep it straight.

“The team is hot on your heels and they’re running away,” said Alexander. “… You run and it’s exhausting, but at the same time we’re literally fighting for the opportunity to run Super G. It’s like the best thing you can do.”

Alexander grew up in Hall County and graduated from Gainesville High School in 2019. While playing football and lacrosse in high school, the Gainesville man first encountered a cheerleader in college.

Alexander’s roommate was a cheerleader in high school and brought Alexander to the gym to study.

“Once we learned stunts and stuff, we were able to give it a try,” said Alexander.

The National Championship was a crooked affair with Georgia leading 38-7 at halftime.

“It was like electricity,” said Alexander. “Every touchdown you felt it in your chest.”

Alexander, a senior criminal justice major, said fans chanted throughout the game, still “going mad” in the fourth quarter when the second string began to snap.

“(Quarterback) Stetson (Bennett) played incredibly amazing yesterday,” said Alexander.

Alexander cited last year’s national championship, a 33-18 victory over Alabama, as his favorite Georgia moment.

Second on the list was Monday’s game where they became back-to-back champions. Close behind is a December 31, 42-41 win over Ohio State, a “midnight miss” when the Ohio State kicker missed a potential game-winning goal.

“Taking it all in, seeing the stadium light up is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Alexander. “It’s hard to describe anything other than the electricity in the spine of excitement and joy.”

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