See: UAB cheerleader video goes viral during College Bowl game

College football bowling season is officially underway.

To kick off the postseason, the UAB Blazers faced the Miami (OH) Redhawks in the Bahamas Bowl on Friday morning.

A special guest was in attendance: Super Bowl-winning quarterback Trent Dilfer. He will become the next coach of the UAB when the match ends.

Dilfer is already getting familiar with his new show; she’s even getting to know the school cheerleaders.

In a now-viral video, Dilfer is seen showing a UAB cheerleader his Super Bowl ring before the two pose for a photo.

The UAB cheerleader even had a chance to hold Dilfer’s Super Bowl ring for the photo. That is very beautiful.

Dilfer is clearly ready to take over at the UAB. He will assume head coaching responsibilities after today’s Bahamas Bowl game concludes.

Catch the rest of the game right now on ESPN.

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