Texas High School Football Coach On Leave After Sentence…

A coach must know when to push the kids and when to relax them. A coach reportedly went too far in punishing his soccer team.

Around this time of year, many high school football teams have off-season practices. Mainly for players who don’t play other sports during this time to keep fit. In Rockwall, Texas, the football team was recently punished during their off-season practice. An investigation is currently underway and we don’t know why the team was punished. We know the punishment. Lizards.

No one has officially stated how many push-ups the group had to do, but a Fox 4 report says several hundred were doled out as punishment. Another WFAA report claims that players had to do 300 push-ups in 60 minutes. Several players apparently required medical attention and some were even hospitalized after the incident.

The school principal has contracted with an independent third party organization to investigate the situation. Meanwhile, head coach John Harrell has been placed on administrative leave. The school physical trainer sent a letter to the parents of the soccer team.

The trainer advised to watch for symptoms such as sharp pain in the arm and abdominal problems. Coach John Harrell has been at this school since 2019, but has coached at other Texas schools over the years.

It is not known how long they expect the investigation to take or what the punishment could be once the results are known.

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