The joke is on Harry: Duke ‘left himself open to becoming a laughingstock’ with new book

The Duke of Sussex was warned today about his book and the PR blitz that makes him a figure of fun – especially for Stephen Colbert – as even their favorite reporter Omid Scobie encouraged him and Meghan to ‘walk’ forward’ of the sleigh of the royals.

Prince Harry is the guest star on The Late Show in the US tonight, where his satirical host makes scathing jokes about the breakdown of his relationship with Prince William, the Queen and the history of the Royal Family.

PR and branding expert Nick Ede told MailOnline that Harry left himself open to ‘ridicule’ by choosing The Late Show to sell his book, which gives him ‘perfect ammunition’ to host Colbert.

He said: “Stephen Colbert is well known for entertaining his guests and with Harry, he has the perfect ammunition to fire in all directions – at Harry himself and the Royal Family.

“The problem with all the attention that Harry is getting and creating for himself is that he is saturating the market and thereby heightening his appeal and mystique and inadvertently building the appeal of the British Royal Family .”

And Omid Scobie, the couple’s biographer, told ITV’s This Morning: ‘People want to see Harry and Meghan in a happy place, it’s still very 2020 but now people want to see them move on and see them in 2023.’

Asked by host Philip Schofield if Harry’s book and TV interviews to promote it would ‘help him’, Mr Scobie replied: ‘They have to be careful in the coming months, they have to go to work. theirs in the United States.’

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show is the next stop on Prince Harry’s PR book blitz. Omid Scobie says of the Sussexes: “People want to see them move on”

Mr Ede warned that Harry faces ‘constant ridicule’ because of the number of secrets he has spilled. ‘If his idea was to break down the walls and reveal the truth about the monarchy he failed and when he does so he himself will have to build a fortress around himself and his new family because of the continuous ridicule he is receiving with the hope to keep himself safe in more ways than one,’ he said.

Harry is at the end of his transatlantic blitz promoting his memoir Spare, out today. In a series of interviews in the US and UK he shared intimate details of his life, including losing his virginity, drug use and killing 25 Taliban insurgents, as well as conversations private with his family and the growing split on Megxit.

But even the usually supportive American liberal media is getting tired of Prince Harry’s complaints. The New York Times called his remarks ‘repetitive and tiresome’ and suggested that ‘the tide appears to be turning’ in US attitudes towards the Sussexes.

And in a trailer for tonight’s show, Colbert seemed more focused on poking fun at the royal and his bitter rift with his brother, and strong gags about Great Britain and the royals including the late Queen.

After playing a video of Harry describing his pain to William trying to avoid him at Eton, the Late Show presenter said with a laugh: ‘It’s heartbreaking. Being rejected by his older brother at school even though that magic hat put them in the same house. What do you think? Hufflepuff? Gryffindor?’

In another teaser Colbert said that Spare is available in hardback, audiobook and ‘commemorative plate’ – a joke at the expense of Harry and other royals whose weddings and anniversaries are marked with tableware and crockery limited edition.

Harry is promoting his book on US TV again – this time with Late Show host Stephen Colbert – who looks set to tip the prince and his life

In another teaser Mr Colbert said that Spare is available in hardback, audiobook and ‘commemorative plate’

And then in another joke at the expense of the Royal Family Colbert says: ‘Stock corgis and steal a priceless cultural treasure from one of your colonies because The Late Show is going imperial.’

After a series of serious interviews on TV – which some critics claim failed to properly question the contradictions in his book – the prince chose to do The Late Show, and it seems that he will become a figure of fun.

Harry’s book also contains incidents that appear to poke fun at his own family including hanging a trinket likeness of the Queen on a Christmas tree.

Spare reveals that Meghan gave Harry a Queen’s ornament that she bought from a local shop in California.

Harry writes in his book that it was ‘Granny’s face to a T’ and hung it right on the big Christmas tree in their California home.

Toddler Archie was running and hit the tree stand, which caused the ornament to fall and break into pieces.

Harry said he sought help from a medium who said she could prove she was speaking to his late mother from beyond the grave because Diana was ‘screaming’ at Archie breaking the ornament.

And in the couple’s Netflix documentary, released last month, Meghan appeared to poke fun at her own efforts to follow royal protocol as she recounted the ‘surreal’ moment she first met the Queen once – that she performed very exaggerated hearts in front of the awkward looking man, the Prince. Harry.

Prince Harry was spotted downing tequila shots with late night host Stephen Colbert

He is said to have answered the Colbert Questioner during the segment that will air on Tuesday

The chat show star who is turning Harry and the royals into a joke: How Stephen Colbert became the king of US late night TV 

As the youngest of 11 siblings in a family of intellectuals, liberal comic Stephen Colbert’s ability to listen to himself seems to have been ingrained from birth. See the article : Eagles Travel Gallery: Miami Dolphins | Preseason week 3.

He was raised Catholic in Charleston, South Carolina, by Yale doctor-professor father James and dharma mother Lorna. Colbert said in interviews that although he grew up in a devout family, his intellectual parents taught him to question the Church, a theme that continues to run through his comic routines. Although he later taught Sunday school.

In 1974, when he was ten years old, Stephen’s father and two of his brothers Peter and Paul were killed in a plane crash in North Carolina. The tragedy and the family’s subsequent move to an urban area of ​​Charleston led to him becoming an introverted youth with few friends who rely on the worlds of science-fiction and fantasy. Colbert credits his love of the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons for sparking an early interest in acting.

By his own admission a slacker in the academic department, he is influenced whether he would attend college. He had a short stint in the Rolling Stones cover band and saw his dreams of becoming a marine biologist crushed after an operation left him deaf in his right ear. He studied philosophy at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia then transferred to Northwestern as a theater major.

After college, he ended up in an improv comedy troupe in Chicago where he studied Steve Carrell enough and met Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello. The trio were offered the chance to make an HBO series which got positive reviews. The opportunity led to brief stints writing for SNL, MTV and GMA, before being hired on a trial basis for the Daily Show in 1997.

He later admitted to taking Xanax for years to treat anxiety, saying: ‘I had thrown my life away trying to do something that so few people actually get away with, or succeed at.’

Colbert satirized a news correspondent with little more than a basic grasp of the subject he was discussing. His writing on the Daily Show earned him three Emmys.

In 2005, his news satire spin-off The Colbert Report launched on Comedy Central. It started with high ratings and has maintained its place as one of the network’s most watched shows.

On April 10, 2014, it was announced that Colbert will be filling the shoes of David Letterman on The Late Show.

He lives in Montclair, New Jersey with his wife Evelyn and three children Madeleine, Peter and John.

Harry was seen downing tequila shots in an interview with Colbert yesterday ahead of its US broadcast tonight.

Fans who attended the taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City told that the Duke of Sussex answered a series of questions from the late-night host on his Colbert Questioner segment.

The quiz devised by the liberal comedian and TV host is 15 questions which he says ‘cover the full spectrum of human experience’.

Among the questions guests are asked is what their favorite sandwich is, what app they use most on their phone and even what number Colbert is thinking of at that moment.

Harry was accompanied to the Late Night studios by a security guard who was carrying a Glock lock-box, used to carry his gun and ammunition.

The prince has become increasingly concerned for his safety since moving to the United States, and has often said he feels vulnerable.

He took legal action against the British authorities after being blocked under UK law from having private armed police with him in the country.

In High Court documents filed in London, the Duke said he ‘does not feel safe’ in Britain without armed security, and said the decision not to be accompanied by armed guards is ‘illegal and ‘unfair’ ‘.

When he stepped down as a working member of the royal family, he lost his official taxpayer-funded security detail, which angered him.

He said paying for private armed security is one reason for his quest to sign lucrative deals in the US – such as his memoirs, for which he was reportedly paid for with a $20 million advance from publisher Penguin Random House. ET Canada reported an even more extravagant sum, claiming that the deal is for four editions, with a fee of $35-$40 million.

Harry appeared on Good Morning America on Monday, telling host Michael Strahan that he would probably never return to live in the UK.

He continued his relentless attacks on the British Press – the focus of much of his publicity tour – and said that the interest of the Press would make his family’s life ‘unsustainable’ if one day they had to return to Britain.

“I don’t think that, even if there was an agreement or an arrangement between me and my family, there’s that third party [the British Press] that will do everything they can to make sure that’s not possible,” he told Strahan. .

‘It doesn’t stop us from going back but it makes it unsurvivable.’

Harry and Meghan, 41, relocated from the UK to California in early 2020, and have been raising their two children, Archie and Lilibet, in a $14.65 million mansion since early 2021. ‘Montecito.

Prince Harry is seen on Monday leaving his Manhattan hotel and going to record an episode of Stephen Colbert’s show accompanied by a guard armed with a Glock lock gun case.

The 38-year-old bodyguard is seen keeping an eye on Harry as he climbs into the waiting SUV

The prince is seen arriving at the studios where Stephen Colbert records The Late Show

Harry’s memoir is published today, and his interview with Colbert airs tonight

Harry is currently in the midst of a media blitz to promote his memoir, for which he has reportedly been paid a $20 million advance.

The prince is seen waving to fans as he leaves the Late Night studios in New York City on Monday

He was escorted by a bodyguard back to his car as he left the studio

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Harry’s armed guard 

The Glock lockbox carried by Prince Harry’s bodyguard usually contains a pistol and ammunition. Read also : I’m a cheerleader – people say my uniforms are ‘too small’ and I need to size up, it really hurts….

It can be configured for any type of handgun.

Unlike in the UK – where private armed security is illegal – it is common for security guards to carry firearms in the US.

Harry and Meghan are believed to rely on Gavin de Becker and Associates, a private LA firm that charges up to $8,800 a day.

However, while Harry admitted that he does not believe they will ever make a full-time return to the UK or royal life, he also hinted that he and Meghan will never give up their official titles.

In an interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday, host Anderson Cooper asked why they didn’t give up their titles as duke and duchess if they wanted a peaceful existence away from the media.

Cooper said: “One of the criticisms I’ve received is that okay, well, you want to move to California, you want to step back from the institutional role.

‘Why be so public? Why reveal conversations you had with your father or brother?

‘You say you tried to do it privately.’

Harry replied: ‘Every time I tried to do it privately there were briefings and leaks and planting stories against me and my wife.

‘You know, the family motto is never complain, never explain.

‘But it’s just a motto. And it doesn’t last very long.’

The couple first announced that they would be stepping back from their royal duties on 8 January 2020.

At that time they wrote in a joint statement that they had reached the decision after ‘many months of reflection and internal discussions.’

They said they wanted to ‘work to become financially independent, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen.’

The idea that they work to support the rest of the family has become increasingly unsustainable, however, thanks to a series of interviews and a documentary in which they have condemned the actions of their relatives and the institution they represent.

A December poll revealed that 98 percent of respondents want the couple to be stripped of their titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex, after the couple aired the Netflix docuseries, which featured numerous accusations explosive about their time as royals.

The Duke of Sussex revealed more personal details about his life in a breakfast interview with former NFL player Michael Strahan on Monday morning

Harry appears with Anderson Cooper during his 60 Minutes interview, which aired in the US on Sunday night.

In the series, the couple claimed they were victims of ‘institutional gaslighting’ and accused the royal family of lying to protect Harry’s brother, Prince William.

Harry also said in the series that he told his father, King Charles III, that he and Meghan were prepared to give up their titles during discussions about their plan to move to America – although it appears that he is no longer the case.

Harry’s memories have caused intense anguish within Buckingham Palace, although the King and Prince William have refused to comment on the allegations.

Harry in the book writes that William physically attacked him, and has detailed allegations that William’s wife Kate was with Meghan.

He said he asked his father not to marry Camilla, and accused Camilla, now Queen Consort, of making up stories to advance her ‘campaign’ to be officially recognized.

The prince also detailed that he lost his virginity, took cocaine and other drugs, and killed Taliban fighters while serving with the British army in Afghanistan.

He said that his father and brother ‘have shown absolutely no will to reconcile’, and he said that he does not see how ‘staying silent’ will help.

Harry writes: ‘Meg asked if Kate knew what was going on at the moment. With her father. Kate said she knew well, but the dresses. And the wedding is four days away!’ ‘Yes, Kate, I know….’ his fiancee replied sharply

Will there be any way back for Harry and Charles after his powerful attack on Camilla? The Prince has branded the Queen Consort as ‘dangerous’ and accused her of plotting to marry his father in a sitting Tom Bradby despite the King ‘warning him that criticizing his wife was a red line’

Harry suggests he and Meghan will NEVER give up their royal titles after Anderson Cooper asked why they don’t renounce them and live privately during explosive 60 Minutes interview: Prince blasts ‘what difference does it make?’

The royal family was “horrible” to him on the day the Queen died, Harry claims in an ITV interview that set the record straight.

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