Family of former UofL cheerleader killed in DUI crash nearly 7 years ago frustrated with slow trial process

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — The family of a former University of Louisville cheerleader who died in a crash is waiting for closure.

It’s been nearly seven years since Shanae Moorman was killed in a 2016 crash on the Interstate 64 on-ramp to the Gene Snyder Freeway. Bradley Caraway, who was 34 at the time of the crash, was driving the car when it overturned, according to police. .

Moorman was the only person on the scene when police arrived, pinned under the vehicle. Police said the 25-year-old had to be extricated by first responders and died at the scene.

Shanae Moorman with Heather’s child.

Caraway was found walking down an on-ramp from the Gene Snyder Freeway to Taylorsville Road about two miles from the crash site.

His blood-alcohol level was “at least” twice the legal limit in Kentucky, court records said. At the time WDRB News revealed he had at least one DUI.

Now, for the first time, parents Shawne and Andrew Moorman are opening up about their daughter and what their family is going through. Longtime family friend Lisa McGrew spoke on their behalf.

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” McGrew said. “That’s what a smile is, if you can’t look at that smile and make your day better.”

Moorman, a graduate of Louisville Male High School, battled cystic fibrosis and used his illness to help inspire others. She was known for her positive energy and enthusiasm, something she built on as a UofL cheerleader in college.

“He had so much life to give and so much love to give and he would have touched so many more people at a time when people need a shining light,” McGrew said.

Mairua’s family and friends hope the court system will put an end to his death. The constant court appearances have been taxing on the family.

“So they should be able to remember him and laugh at him. And we do that, we do that a lot. But it’s hard because this is always hanging over them,” McGrew said.

Six years after the fatal accident, the trial began in July 2022. But a¬†judge declared a mistrial days after Caraway’s attorney fell ill and was unable to proceed with the trial.

Caraway has yet to complete a trial.

“It’s time to figure out how this process works,” McGrew said. “The justice system is there for a reason. But it’s broken for this case. And we want to end it.”

The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office has released this statement regarding the lengthy process:

“Overall, a number of issues affect how quickly a case is resolved. The Caraway case involves complex technical evidence involving the Commonwealth and the defense with expert analysis, DNA evidence lab analysis, pretrial motions on evidentiary issues, and coordination of expert witness testimony in court. All of these factors delay the case. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic caused further delays. The Commonwealth has announced its readiness to go to trial on the previously scheduled trial dates and remains committed to seeking justice for Shanae Moorman and her family.”

The family said at this point, COVID-19 cannot be used as an excuse.

Caraway’s next pretrial conference is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

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Are police reports public records in Texas?

Obtaining police reports under the "Texas Public Information Act" (Gov. On the same subject : This George Washington High cheerleader, now headed to the state championship, is used to high-stakes situations. Code, Chapter 552) provides for public access to most government records and the sale of copies of those records, including police reports.

How can I find police records in Texas? The Texas Department of Public Safety operates the Criminal Records Search Service, which serves as the state’s central repository for criminal information. Interested parties can complete free public criminal background checks on the TDPS online database.

Are police reports available to the public in Texas? Generally, this is the public cover of a police report. They are exempt from release if records are released that would interfere with the investigation or prosecution of a crime. Information collected and maintained by the judiciary is not covered by the Texas Public Information Act.

How do I get a copy of a police report in Texas?

When you need a police report, you can contact the local law enforcement agency that responded to the accident or obtain one from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). To see also : Philadelphia Eagles bring 1st Women’s Soccer League to Linc.

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How do I obtain a crash report in Kentucky?

If you filed your accident report through the Kentucky State Police (KSP) website, you will need to contact KSP to obtain a copy of that report. If you don’t know your accident report number, you can email it. Read also : Watch: Cowboys Cheerleader Goes Viral Before Week 1. We will look up your information and get back to you by email.

Are accident reports public records in Kentucky? Pursuant to KRS 189.635(5)(b), accident reports and the information contained therein shall be confidential and exempt from disclosure under the Open Records Act, with limited exceptions.

How can I receive a local accident report? Call the traffic department of the local law enforcement agency that responded to the scene of the car accident, pay the administrative fee (usually around $15) and you should have no problem getting a copy.

How do I get a crash report in KY?

It’s easy to get a copy of the Kentucky State Police report online. There is a company that has a website that handles requests for car accident reports from all over Louisville and Kentucky. The website is called (

How do I search for a Kentucky police report? Contact the Administrative Office of Courts in Frankfort, Ky. by mail, online or in person to request a records check. Or call the AOC at (502) 573-1682.

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