My dream scenario for Universal Studios in North Texas

My mind is racing with the potential of this place and it got me thinking some pretty ridiculous things. Here’s what’s going on in my brain today.

Yesterday we learned that Universal Studios plans to open a kid-friendly theme park in Frisco, Texas. They did not provide a release date for the opening. So we can speculate about their plans here. The target group is children aged 3-9. Here are my ideas and Universal can steal them if they want. Note, I’m going for pure nostalgia for me, so I’m sorry Gen Alpha.

Back then, Universal Studios was the coolest thing in the world for one reason. Nickelodeon shows were filmed there. Back then, we all wanted to be around these things. My personal favorite was Legends of the Hidden Temple. If you’re building an amusement park for young children, that means a playground. Imagine a gigantic temple that you can visit as if at the end of a game show.

That’s right, Universal Studios has the rights to The Simpsons. Families need to eat, so why not do so at one of the Krusty Burger eateries as you do at other Universal Studios parks. You can serve Duff beer and it will give parents a place to escape from screaming children. If you want to build Moe’s Tavern, that would also be welcome.

This one is complicated. The rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have changed hands MANY times over the years. Above is a video from the early 90’s at Disney World. Since Jim Henson was making turtle costumes for movies and Jim Henson had a section at Hollywood Studios. The Ninja Turtles had an epic show where the Turtles van would pull up and come out and dance. My four-year-old brain was literally the happiest of my life. TMNT now airs on Nick, which I believe Universal still owns a small amount of.

I was literally at Universal Studios the week that show ended in Orlando. It seems to me that every small children’s park needs a paddling pool. Just shooting water from the ground, kids love it. How about a paddling pool with random cute ghost statues (so as not to scare the kids). Additionally, you may have proton pack water guns that you can sell (More money for you Universal). At night, you can have green lights and say, “Oh, Slimer turned all the water green.”

Okay, let’s move on to SUPER NOSTALGIA. No kid today knows who the hell Barney is. They stopped doing this show in 2010 (can’t believe it lasted that long). However, Barney Live Show existed on Universal until 2021! Barney was actually filmed in Dallas back then. If they decide to reboot Barney, imagine they filmed it in this new park.

All right, I’m picking up this idea from Disney World right away. Why doesn’t Universal’s Jurassic Park have a dinosaur bone area? Disney does, and Universal has the rights to THE BIGGEST DINOSAUR MOVIE EVER MADE. Besides, guys in raptor suits could meet and say hello.

I don’t expect anything Harry Potter related in this new park. But if they somehow managed to get wands in Frisco, that would be cool. I have no idea how much of this stuff Universal sells a year, but every kid had the last time I went there. Plus, you had kids in thick Harry Potter home robes in F***ing Orlando, Florida.

I don’t care that Jaws is very old. Every child would like to take a picture with him. I’m still pissed that they shut down that ride. Jaws was a classic and should never have been taken out of the parks. At least give me a statue so I can put my head under it and take a nice picture.

Okay, something more modern since I went back to the 70’s with my last one. I’m expecting something Minions in this new park. I love playing games at the amusement park. Like water guns or a ring around a bottle. Literally the only thing I know about Despicable Me is “THIS IS SO FOOTY”. Let people try to win this giant unicorn and Bam Universal free money

^ I don’t even know if you remember Discovery Zone, but this place was like Chuck E Cheese on steroids. For a while, Men in Black toured Universal Studios. I just want this laser tag I experienced at one of my friend’s birthday back in the day. TEAR. Discovery Zone.

I don’t expect any of these things to come true, but if they do somehow. I’ll go to that Frisco theme park to check it out. For God’s sake, give me a Krusty Burger and I’ll pay for a theme park ticket.

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Is Frisco Texas getting a Universal theme park?

Universal Parks and Resorts plans to open a new theme park in Frisco, Texas, aimed at younger children and families, the company said Wednesday.

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