‘Chubby maverick’ Bryan Kohberger ‘tortured’ by popular girls at school

Kim Kenely, 27, contacted the FBI after learning of the arrest of former sixth grader Bryan Kohberger.

FBI agents have interviewed center fielder Bryan Kohberger in hopes of finding the soul of the man they believe is responsible for the murders of four University of Idaho students.

Kim Kenely, 27, contacted the office shortly after learning that her former classmate had been arrested for killing four of their roommates at a university just 15 minutes from where he was studying in November.

They were both sixth-graders at Pleasant Valley Intermediate School in Brodhedsville, Pennsylvania, when Kohberger, 28, fell in love and began dating the girl who would go on to be a high school cheerleader.

“She told the FBI everything she had to tell them,” Kenely’s mother Sandra confirmed to DailyMail.com on Wednesday.

‘It’s been a long time. I can’t imagine what she would tell the FBI. I think it’s for character purposes.’

Kohberger attended Pleasant Valley Middle School in Brodhedsville, Pennsylvania, where he developed a crush on Kenely and became romantically involved. They are all pictured in school yearbook photos

Kenely, 27, now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she works as a therapist at an assisted living facility.

Kohberger, then chubby, unfit, would become withdrawn after him, frequently leaving love letters in her locker telling her he loved her, according to the mother.

He always said, “Oh Kim, I think you’re so beautiful.” Like the strange words. Then she said, “Oh God, leave me alone.”

‘She didn’t give him the time of day,’ said the mother. ‘When children are young, they are terrible. They did not say, “Oh my God, thank you, but no.”

Kenely would eventually tell Kohberger to shut up, breaking his heart.

At the time, she lived in Sciota, in rural eastern Pennsylvania, about 90 miles north of Philadelphia and a 30-minute drive from Kohberger’s home in Albrightsville.

She has since left the area and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she works as a therapist at an assisted living facility.

Kohberger seemed to turn his life around in high school where he took up boxing and lost weight

In the yearbook photo, Kohberger’s caption says he aspires to be a soldier. Once overweight and abused, he lost almost 100 pounds and became a ‘different person’

Details about his past are emerging – including that he was a ‘recluse’ who used his criminal studies to ‘try to understand people and understand himself’

Kenely and Kohberger’s schoolyard encounter is among the most compelling accounts to come out from former friends and witnesses in recent days that paint a picture of a troubled, angry teenager who didn’t fit in at school. .

He was charged with killing students Ethan Chapin and his girlfriend Xana Kernodle, 21, and childhood friends Maddie Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, at a home in Moscow, Idaho on November 13.

Former classmates said Kohberger was overweight and the subject of bullying and harassment in high school.

‘All the popular girls made fun of him at school. They are the cheerleaders and the one that every kid is rooting for,’ a classmate, who did not want to be named, told DailyMail.com.

‘They literally tortured him, girls started teasing him in high school.’

But Kohberger seemed to turn his life around in high school, where he took up boxing and lost weight.

He was a different person. He worked constantly and was very stubborn,’ said the male friend.

‘He has a short fuse and tries to change his style and behavior to suit cliques.’

A third former classmate added: ‘It’s interesting to me that the girls who are accused of killing are beautiful and seem to be popular, just like the ones who made fun of him since he is a child.’

His theory is supported by that of former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer who, before Kohberger’s arrest, told Newsweek that she thought the killer might have been ‘incel’ – short for ‘involuntary’, the term means men who cannot attract women sexually. .

Kenely is believed to have told FBI agents about her encounter with Kohberger in hopes of helping investigators piece together the thoughts of a suspected murderer.

In an interview with DailyMail.com, Kenely’s mother Sandra recalled how Kohberger used to leave her daughter love notes in her locker before finally hating him for good.

Coffindaffer speculates that Kohberger could see ‘all these beautiful girls going in and out’ of the house and that his anger and ‘bad lust’ may have gotten the better of him.

She explained that the person who killed him was ‘a man with a very bad intention to kill these women, a law similar to women, and it reached a boiling point with many opportunities.’

Casey Arntz, who went to high school with Kohberger, said he used to have her drive around their neighborhood looking for drugs.

Her brother Thomas said Kohberger would try to pressure others to get rid of his weight problem.

‘He was selfish, he was abusive. I never thought he would do something like that but at the same time it didn’t really surprise me,’ said Thomas.

A woman named Hayley posted a TikTok video saying she had been with Kohberger for about seven years.

After watching a movie, they went back to her room and watched TV, and Kohberger kept trying to touch her.

“It’s not like it’s inappropriate, like trying to tile and like, rub shoulders with stuff,” she said.

She kept asking him why he was touching her, which made him get ‘super serious’, she said.

“Not me,” he said, according to her.

“You’ve got that,” she shot back, saying Kohberger was trying to ‘trick me into thinking he didn’t touch me, it’s weird.’

She explained that she did not feel in danger and was not ‘afraid of him,’ but she wanted him to leave after a while, which made her pretend to throw up in the dormitory.

She then claimed that Kohberger followed her to the bathroom and ‘stood outside the door,’ which she also thought was ‘unsurprising.’

Former high school friend Casey Arntz (left) previously revealed that Kohberger was being bullied at school. TikTok user Hayley also posted a video sharing her bad Tinder date with Kohberger

Kohberger, 28, is accused of killing Maddie Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin on November 13 in the quiet, college town of Moscow, Idaho.

Kohberger is studying criminology at Washington State University in Pullman, just a 15-minute drive across the state line from the University of Idaho.

The vomiting incident caused Kohberger to leave, and Hayley said she was glad she didn’t see him again.

Kim Kenely’s mother must be glad the suspected murderer didn’t turn on her daughter when they were young.

“All the girls he allegedly killed were popular,” Sandra said. ‘She must be out, of course.

“I think most of the kids who went to school with him are like that,” Mom continued. ‘They couldn’t believe that this boy could really kill four people.’

Moscow police, along with government and FBI officials, say they have interviewed hundreds of people since launching an investigation into the murder.

They arrested Kohberger, a graduate student in criminology at Washington State University in Pullman, on Dec. 30 at his parents’ home. He and his father drove a white Hyundai Elantra across the country for vacation.

Police said a similar white Elantra was seen near the house on King Road, Moscow, where the four were stabbed to death, and returned repeatedly.

They said the DNA found on the remains of the killer at the scene matched that of the Kohberger family.

In an affidavit in support of the charges, investigators said Dylan Mortensen, 19, a college sophomore and roommate of the three girls who died, woke up when she heard a commotion in the house and saw a masked man she described as ‘5ft. 10 or taller, male, not very muscular, but built by exercise and dry eyebrows.’

Seeing the man freeze her in shock, she locked her door and went back to bed.

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