Fox Sports Erin Andrews takes on fellow reporter for clickbait antics

Recently, during her iHeart video with Charissa Thomson titled “Chill Out with Erin and Charissa,” Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews actually called out some sports journalists for cheating or talking and some professional players in an attempt either to score political points, to win. they are for themselves, or both.

Her opinion on this subject not only deserves more attention, but more discussion.

To be clear, I don’t care what a sports journalist has to do with politics as long as he keeps all bias out of sports. Unfortunately, as with most media, education, and entertainment, most sports in the world – especially in the “Age of Trump” – have become a little more “about me” and politics and politics.

Andrews said in part during the podcast:  “I have to get this off my chest. There have been some times or situations recently and throughout the year that I find myself calling players after they happen. You don’t have to be a hole. What about this? Stop worrying about trying to make a name for yourself or being clicked with these questions that tie these people up or put them in a bind or you want to be the person [who gets attention] in the press conference. Don’t do that.”

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If anyone bothers to attend a press conference after a professional sports game, be it the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL, it is now rare to hear at least one click question being asked of a player or players. on the podium. To Andrew’s point, more often than not, these reporters don’t ask questions on topics that the players expect to respond to critically. Some do it just to put the actor out there as a way to get social media attention for themselves.

Diversity in international sports news has been around for a long time and has been fruitful in many ways. I grew up in the Cro-Magnon days of the sports world when women were only expected on the sidelines to be cheerleaders. Thankfully, an era of civility and equality has swept the world of sports and reporting, commentary, and play by well-educated women — and men and women of color — is now commonplace.

Back then, I had enough athletic ability to get invited to professional camps. and one soccer camp. And, at that time, there were a lot of ignorant people in the community who would be upset with Erin Andrews speaking up for athletes just because she’s a woman.

Erin Andrews knows her sports

For one of those rednecks still out there, I have news for you: Andrews has more sports knowledge at her fingertips than all of your imaginations combined. More than that, she has to overcome the prejudices of men and women for years to achieve her goals and success. This may interest you : Matt Dickerson. As many women do now in sports news.

As a sports fan, a person’s gender, color, or sexual orientation will never be a concern. These are just – and thankfully – a reflection of our species. The thing that bothers him is: does this person know what he is talking about when it comes to sports that involve and introduce prejudice.

With the NFL as an example, if Erin Andrews, Charissa Thomson, or MJ Acosta-Ruiz and Cynthia Frelund at NFL Network were analyzing the team and its players, I would pay close attention. Why? Because they are experts in the game. While.

In this particular instance, Andrews was brave enough to speak out in defense of some of the players she covered. Often against our will, almost every moment of our lives has been politicized. Nowadays, sports are often a refuge for millions of human minds looking for an escape from the increasingly hectic nature of our daily lives.

“Reporters” looking at the high value of professional athletes so they can draw attention to themselves is the last thing we need in the world of sports.

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the book: 56 Lessons – Freedom from Those Who Risked It All to Sign the Declaration of Independence.

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