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JACKSONVILLE – Let’s cut to the chase…

How about just “really good” or “exceptionally good”? Lawrence is showing signs that he’s actually the guy the Jaguars drafted, and he’s suddenly “special.” I like to win as much as the next guy, but maybe if we didn’t rush so hard after a win, so many guys wouldn’t want to jump in front of the bus after a loss.

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence played “really well” to “exceptionally well” in Sunday’s 36-22 win over the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s also played “really well” to “exceptionally well” for the most part over the last five weeks, so it’s not so much a case of him “suddenly” being “special” Sunday, as much as the player’s immense potential starting to reach that potential. Regular O-Zone readers—and he knows who he is—can tell you that I don’t like hyperbole. I prefer a long-term view to quick reactions. But I’ll also try to give as accurate/fair an assessment of what’s going on around the Jaguars as possible, and try to analyze the team’s major storylines as they unfold. Lawrence is the most important storyline for this franchise in recent memory, and his development will shape the franchise for the next decade or more. Indeed, my assessment of Lawrence next Sunday is that he will do more than just show that he is a Jaguars draft pick, and that he will prove that he is going to be special. It wasn’t based on one game. It was based on how he progresses. He’s been doing things these past few weeks that are no coincidence. That doesn’t mean he’s going to be great every week. That doesn’t mean the Jaguars win every week. That said, he’s showing every sign of being an elite, franchise-special quarterback. I hope to write and say this for as long as it rings true.

Cliff from anywhere by helicopter

This team is an enigma wrapped within an enigma.

The 2022 Jaguars aren’t so mysterious. They are a developing, young team. Improving young teams have good games and bad games. The best part about this mysterious season is that Lawrence’s future is no longer a mystery. It’s bright. And that means more days like Sunday will happen.

A simple question without an easy answer: How can this week and last week be so amazingly different?

The answer is actually quite simple. This is a week-to-week league. The Jaguars also committed early turnovers against the Titans, which allowed them to take the lead and take control of the game. It allowed a struggling Jaguars defense to stop a one-dimensional offense. Lawrence also had a very good game against a depleted Titans defense that helped the Jaguars get that lead as well…OK, maybe it’s not that simple. But this is indeed a weekly league.

Zone, throughout the offseason, most fans said they wanted the Jags to be competitive this season. Many other fans said they want the Jaguars to play meaningful football in December. Both of those things have happened, so most fans should be happy now, right?

I think most Jaguars fans are really happy now. Give me a moment.

What impresses you most about Trevor? For me, it’s his ability to move in the pocket while keeping his body positioned to always throw with his eyes always downfield. I’ve never seen a quarterback play like that for the Jags.

Lawrence’s affordability, awareness and navigation are indeed becoming impressive. So is his accuracy. And his ability to make big “wows” throws big moments. His command of the offense is getting there, as is his expectation. As for never seeing a Jaguars quarterback play like this… there’s a reason for that: they’ve never had a quarterback like this.

Oh man, Lawrence is on pace for 4,187 yards and 26 touchdowns. I imagine both numbers would be team records, no?

“I’ve written before that I don’t know that Lawrence is going to be a super-accurate quarterback who seems to go weeks without missing a receiver.” When you wrote this, I grudgingly agreed with your point. What happened? How can a QB get so much better so quickly? Fun to watch.

I probably wrote this in October when Lawrence was struggling with accuracy at times. He had done it enough in his NFL career that I wasn’t sure if he was consistently accurate. I thought he might be more of a big-play quarterback than an effective quarterback. Jaguars media analyst Bucky Brooks disagreed and thought Lawrence’s accuracy will improve dramatically as he becomes more comfortable on offense. Brooks believed that this increased comfort would allow Lawrence to get his feet and mechanics right more consistently, which would therefore improve his accuracy. It appears to be happening — and Lawrence’s accuracy and efficiency will improve in direct proportion to his increased comfort in the scheme. One fer Brooks.

How did he do it? What changed that Trevor is playing so much better now than in the first half of the season?

Hello KOAGF! I think back to a year ago and the angst surrounding our “long” search for a new head coach. I’d say our owner finally got it right in a big way. This guy is good and is very “closed” throughout the games. He is a real winner and our future looks very exciting. I no longer feel hopeless when we fall behind in games. We are currently playing 60 minutes and not throwing.

If we go 3-1 and Tennessee goes 2-2, I’m afraid we won’t win anything!

If the Jaguars go 3-1 and Tennessee finishes 2-2, the Jaguars probably won’t win anything. If they go 3-1 and the Titans go 1-3, they would win the AFC South if the Jaguars beat the Titans in the regular season finale.

If the Jaguars and Titans both lose to Dallas and we win, and the Titans take the extra loss to the Chargers, wouldn’t we win the split with two head-to-head games with identical records, thus winning the division?

Do you think I could stand up if Jaguars linebacker Shaq Quarterman hit me as hard as Titans linebacker Derrick Henry Sunday?

Congratulations to Mike from NY on bringing home his precious baby Elle! He and his wife got their hands on a little fighter. We ALL root for Elle!

Watching Trevor after the last game, I don’t think he likes the Titans or losing. That’s good because neither do I!

Lawrence faced off against Titans defensive lineman Kevin Strong after Sunday’s final game. It came after several Titans linemen hit center Luke Fortner hard in the Jaguars’ final kneeldown. The play was unnecessary for the Titans, but not illegal or unusual. Head coach Doug Pederson said Monday that he was not upset by Lawrence’s actions, essentially saying that Lawrence’s offensive linemen protect him during the game and he can protect them when needed. And yes… the moment was a little sour. Lawrence showed some toughness, intelligence and leadership. It was a cool and memorable moment. This streak has been one-sided for a long time. This could be fun.

Memorable plays deserve memorable names. Here’s one to remember Trevor’s daring touchdown run as “The Long Arm of the Law.”

Oh man! Double down! Buy more T Law Beginner Cards!

Crash is “all in”. And then some.

Zone. Let’s talk about mentioning the playoffs. This is a week-to-week league. For all we know, D could have a terrible game next game. This team completely lacks consistency. So let’s take a deep breath and relax.

This is indeed a weekly league. The Jaguars defense could absolutely struggle in the next game. And Lawrence and the offense may not be playing as well. But the Jaguars have a decent chance to make the postseason if they win three of their last four games. If one of those wins is over the Tennessee Titans, their chances are really good. The point here is that if the Jaguars beat the Cowboys Sunday, their chances are very good indeed. The off-season is a time to take a deep breath and relax. The Jaguars are playing meaningful December football for the first time in five seasons. Fans want to talk about the playoffs? Say it, baby. Why the hell not?

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