UTPB cheer continues to prepare for state

MIDLAND UTPB Spirit Coordinator and Head Cheer Coach Terry Lynn Lane said they have about 96 practices until their final competition at NCA College in Daytona Beach, Fla., in April.

There are 24 leaders and two Freddies (mascot). Lane is also in charge of the eight-member dance team.

Leaders go to elementary and middle schools and perform at basketball, football and volleyball games. They also participate in community activities, such as parades, Lane said.

This is the team’s first tournament.

On Monday they held a test at the studio, Legacy Elite, in Midland.

“Not everyone can make a rug at Daytona,” Lane said.

They’ll make one happy routine and keep Freddy in bed, too. Lane said it’s not unusual for the mascot to be with the cheerleaders.

“Some schools choose to do it; others don’t, but we choose to do it,” Lane said.

“We have about 96 practices from now until Daytona. We usually train at UTPB. We train here because they redid our floors at UTPB, so it’s hard for us to wear our mats now, so we decided to come here instead.” “Let’s come up with the mat and figure out where to put it,” Lane said. .

Alexandria Bell, Brianna Johnson and Jericho Florez are all eyeing their national appearances.

Bell has been with the team for a year; Johnson four; Florez is in his fifth year.

“Honestly, I think it’s really fun to be in a new team. Our school has never (received) a bid to go to nationals, so I think it’s really exciting, our team and the way we’re connected I think we have a good chance to really be able to compete with the other teams that were there. . before,” said Bell.

Johnson said this is a big step for the community, UTPB and Odessa in general.

“Because as we continue to grow and develop this program, it’s going to bring in talented players, and we’re going to be able to build a legacy based on what we started and the work we put in this year, regardless of what happens when we get there.” as long as we continue to work,” Johnson said.

Florez said they are considered innocent since it is the first year of the national competition.

“However, we’re not going to let that stop our drive and our motivation. We want to show that this program is not just some small town college. We can deliver and I think we’re going to do everything we can to connect with them. the people who have been there and we give everything,” said Florez.

They all watched the national championships on TV.

“We are hungry. That’s our edge,” Johnson said.

Bell added that she thinks everyone on the team is ready to work.

“I feel like since there’s no film about us, no one can watch and see what we bring to the table until we present it and bring it. I feel like that gives you an advantage because no one knows what we’re capable of,” said Florez. .

Johnson recalled that a few years before COVID, the group was almost completely destroyed.

“I didn’t have a coach. “We tried to meet him as players, so once Terry Lynn came in last year, we were able to really start from scratch, humble ourselves, build, write and stay motivated, focused and motivated,” Johnson said. said. . “The fact that we are now able to compete on a national stage is no small thing – even to go.”

Bell came to the club around the same time as Lane.

“I want to be honest that Terry was a really great coach. She really pushed everyone to be better. For me personally, I was not happy for a whole year after the foot surgery and she has already brought me back here. I am one-man-stealer. I’m working on my back. That’s a lot of progress in one year. I think Terry is really ready to take this team to where it needs to be at nationals,” Bell said.

Florez noted that the group recently received more support than in the past.

“It shows hey these cheerleaders are talented enough to show off,” Florez said.

He added that UTPB jumped in and gave support.

“I also feel that’s the driving factor. I want to give back to them. They give us everything” so it’s only fair that the team gives back to UTPB, said Florez.

The 2023 American Spirit Nationals are back in Anaheim, California! Be sure to mark your calendars and get ready to watch as the teams take to the mat. Leaders, singers, flag groups, and mascots are preparing to earn the glory of the national title.

Where is NCA Nationals held?

The 2022 NCA College Nationals and 2022 NDA College Nationals will be held April 6-10, 2022 in Daytona Beach, Florida. On the same subject : Week 12 fantasy defensive rankings. More than 400 college teams are slated to compete in this year’s event.

Where does NCA Cheer take place? The 2023 NCA All Star Nationals will take place on February 25-26, 2023, in Dallas, Texas. The NCA will award bids for the 2023 Cheerleading Worlds.

Where are the NCA National Colleges held? Held in Daytona Beach, our National College is an experience like no other. Bring your Bandshell spirit to the NCA & NDA Collegiate Championship! No Debug Key is available as Do Not Track is enabled.

Where is NCA All Star Cheer competition 2022?

The NCA All Stars Nationals took place February 25-27, 2022 in Dallas, Texas. The NCA Nationals are often considered the most popular off-season event to inspire star competition. To see also : Stratford cheerleading squad receives top marks in competition. It is also the biggest cheering event in the world and the 2022 event was the biggest ever.

Where is NCA 2023? Teams from around the world will return to Dallas, Texas, to take over the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center for the 2023 NCA All-Star National Championship.

Who won NCA All-Star cheerleading 2022? The Navarro College cheer team’s official Instagram page shared the news with a photo of the winning team, with the members posing around their big trophy. “Congratulations Dawgs! National Championship,” read the Texas team’s caption, along with their score of 99.2.

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