Anti-cheerleading column criticized [letter] | Letter to the Editor…

I’d like to respond to Generation Z(eal)’s Jan. 8 column titled “Cheerleading Can’t Be Considered a Real Sport.”

I am not sure what possessed the student to write this column, and I am even more disturbed and truly ashamed that the LNP | The editors of LancasterOnline Opinion would publish it — especially in the Sunday edition.

In my opinion, this column serves no purpose and seems like a misogynistic rant from someone whose time would be better spent preparing for the future instead of putting others down.

The writer states: “I do not want to delegitimize the efforts of young people who participate in this activity.” Of course he wants to. That’s the whole point of the column.

Maybe if we stopped publishing demeaning and chauvinistic columns like this and actually printed interesting, informative, newsworthy news, we could actually help form a better, more caring union within our society. I sincerely hope and pray that the LNP | LancasterOnline Opinion editors can do better in the future.

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