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Coral Springs High School Cheerleading Squad. {BCAAs}

The Coral Springs High School cheerleading team officially finished second in the BCAA county championships on Saturday at Dillard High School.

The Colts competed against Deerfield, South Broward, and Miramar High School, who placed first in the Small Non-Tumbling division.

“The girls put in a great performance and I’m very proud of them,” head coach Amanda Mortimer said. “We’ll keep pushing and we can’t wait for regionals.”

Her team consists of Heidi Brown, Rylie Feller, Briana Alitdort, Aubrey Vance, Isabella Visca, Gianna Greco, Victoria Ortiz, Temiah Shuman, Ashley Pagliai, Alexi Rodriguez, Makinlee Dominguez, Tchelsie Septembre, Mya Hamze, and Madissen Drakes.

The Colts are coming off a season in which they finished 13th in state and qualified for nationals. Next, CSHS will compete at Regionals on Saturday, January 21 at Coral Glades High School.

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