Spruce Creek High School cheerleaders perform in London New …

Spruce Creek High School student Morgan Brown will participate in London’s upcoming New Year’s Day Parade, representing Varsity Spirit All-Americans.

According to a press release, cheerleaders, dancers and drum majors who are invited to perform are among the top 12% of All-Americans and were identified at Varsity Spirit’s summer camps. Morgan, from Port Orange, was selected at the Universal Cheerleaders Association camp in Daytona Beach in August.

Morgan Brown, 14, says making All-American “means the world” to her. Courteous photo

“We are delighted to be participating in the London New Year’s Day Parade again, and for these outstanding athletes to have the opportunity to perform and experience our special events abroad,” said Varsity Spirit President Bill Seely.

The program celebrates more than 30 years of honoring camp standouts.

“Making All-American means everything to me,” said Morgan. “It’s just so amazing that I can represent my school and the Varsity brand. I’ve been wearing the Varsity brand since I was four years old, and now as a 14 year old I’m really going to represent it. It’s really a dream come true and I’m super excited to go to London. I am most excited about the parade and visiting some of the real places where the Harry Potter movie was filmed.”

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