Why ‘North Dallas Forty’ Is The Best Sports Movie Ever

“North Dallas Forty” is funny and beautiful, a classic that has come a long way in recent years.

Every year, I take a moment to rewatch it, and it reaffirms all the reasons it is the ultimate sports movie.

It’s important to share my runners up in that category:

“Breaking Away” (1979) – First, the acting. Daniel Stern is amazing, and so is Jackie Earle Haley. Dennis Quaid and Dennis Christopher also do a solid job. It’s a story of class, small towns and big dreams.

“Vision Quest” (1985) – You’d be hard-pressed to come up with a better enemy in a sports movie than Shute (Frank Jasper). What is the reason? Every high school in America has a Shute. Aside from “Rocky”, which are great sports movies, to be sure, but not favorites, “Vision Quest” has the best prep/training sequence as it builds momentum to take Shute.

“Inside Moves” (1980) – It’s beautiful, shocking and realistic, including the brotherhood. This is one of the most underrated movies of all time, yet there isn’t a single man (and many women) who doesn’t get this on a deep level inside.

“All the Right Moves” (1983) – The best sports movies are always about class. Before “Friday Night” there was Tom Cruise in “All the Right Moves,” and you better remember that. The story follows a high school football player (Cruise) who relies on a scholarship to make it out of a dying steel town in rural Pennsylvania.

Well, why did the “North Dallas Forty” come up?

North Dallas Forty (7/10) Movie CLIP – You’re the Best (1979) HD

Peter Gent, the author of the book, “North Dallas Forty” that inspired the film, was an interesting character. He played college football with the Michigan Spartans before joining the Dallas Cowboys and then, at the end of his career, the New York Giants.

After the NFL he was part of a Texas writing team known as the “Mad Dogs” which included Larry L. King, Billy Lee Brammer, Gary Cartwright, Bud Shrake, Jerry Jeff Walker and the most famous and successful team Dan Jenkins, “Baja Oklahoma.”

North Dallas Forty (10/10) Movie CLIP – It’s Not a Game (1979) HD

The book “North Dallas Forty” is, of course, better than the movie, but of all Gent’s wit it was probably “Dandy” Don himself who got the best laugh.

Several former Dallas Cowboys attended the screening, and when asked about the film Meredith replied, “Well, if I had known [Gent] was a good receiver, I would have thrown to him.”

The 70’s Dallas Cowboys are legendary, but Gent’s insight and willingness to speak the truth about the NFL has stood the test of time with her vision, humor and courage. There was nothing like it before or since.

I often use this quote from the movie:

“Whenever I call it a game, you call it business. Whenever I call it business, you call it a game!” – O. W. Shaddock (John Matuszak)

If that’s not America’s team well, it’s certainly America’s mind.

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