Alia Bhatt walked hand in hand with Ranbir Kapoor as he cheerleaded for his football team. Ranlia fans a

Alia Bhatt walks hand in hand with Ranbir Kapoor as she becomes his football team’s cheerleader. Ranlia fans are in awe

Bollywood stars Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor often leave the internet in awe. Ranlia fans can’t get enough of the power couple, from their sultry pictures to their cute moments. On Sunday evening, they again went all out as they arrived for a joint Indian Super League football match.


Even before the Gangubai Kathiawadi actress tied the knot with Ranbir, she often attended football matches to support his team, Mumbai City FC. He decided to perform again during the game and left the entire stadium cheering.

The viral video shows the new mother walking hand in hand with her husband. They greeted the fans who came to watch the game with the atmosphere of a superpower couple. While RK sported a blue jacket with his team’s logo on it, Alia was seen wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans paired with chunky white sneakers. Pulling her hair back into a sleek ponytail, she added small hoops to complete the look. She looked radiant in the no makeup look.

Watch the Indian Super League video here:

Reacting to this, a netizen commented, “That was actually very sweet of them.” Another wrote: “She’s so happy to have him in her life! All the love there.”

The comment read, “Alia met RK during her second film Highway with Imtiaz Ali during a brief conversation when they were not dating at the time… I never imagined these two getting married. It’s very surprising to see them together even though it’s called by fate… Alia has got the most powerful background she wants but I can’t deny the fact that she is very talented in her field… I would call Alia Bhatt both talented and lucky.”

Trust the duo to send the internet into a frenzy!

Which number is luckiest?

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Why Alia and Ranbir had a simple wedding?

The reason it will be small and secret is that Alia’s grandfather N Razdan has been eager to see her marry Ranbir. To see also : Justine Lindsay, believed to be first openly transgender NFL cheerleader, opens up about joining Panthers. Also, her grandfather has been unwell for a few days, so both families have suggested keeping the wedding small and secret.

Why did Alia Bhatt get married so early? The couple tied the knot in April after dating for several years. However, the Darlings actress says she never planned to get married so early in her life, but falling deeply in love is different.

How much did Alia and Ranbir spend on their wedding? The approximate cost of the wedding is 10 kroons. The two spent around 10 crores on their wedding. Their first pictures together were seen after the court wedding, but celebrations followed later and they were gorgeous to say the least.

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