Meet Brittany Williams, Josh Allen’s longtime girlfriend and former cheerleader whom fans call the ‘Queen of Bu…

JOSH ALLEN was invited by fans to receive two rings this year: one for Bills fans at the Super Bowl and the other for his “Buffalo Queen.”

The NFL quarterback, 26, has been supported every step of his football journey by longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams.

Brittany is a big hit with the Bills Mafia, who have dubbed her the “Queen of Buffalo” on social media.

Her boyfriend is looking to make history and lead the Bills to the Vince Lombardi Trophy next month.

The pair knew each other as a child in upstate Fresno, with Brittany revealing that she had a crush on Allen from the get-go.

She revealed, “My crush of 8 years became my boyfriend a few years later.”

But things went sour between the two, after Allen GHOST Brittany for nearly a year after a disastrous prom night.

He revealed: ‘My friends were crazy, we were taking a party bus. He had never been on a party bus and was so overwhelmed by everything.

“And the kids at my school were mean to him.

“After that, honest to God, I don’t think we spoke for a year after that night.”

Fast forward to their freshman year in college and Allen realized Matthews was worth fighting for.

He texted her “I screwed up,” and the pair reconciled, accompanying each other to a formal sorority in 2017.

Brittany was a cheerleader at Fresno State and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

And she has supported Allen’s career ever since, ever since her first college start more than six years ago.

After her move to Wyoming, she wrote, “I guess I’m a fan of #17..[wink emoji].”

And throughout his career in both college and the NFL, Williams has been there to give Allen advice and support.

Williams graduated in 2018, the same year Allen declared for the NFL Draft and finished seventh overall for the Bills.

That night, Brittany posted, “Watching your dreams come true was a moment I’ll never forget [heart emoji] Here we come Buffalo! #BillsMafia.”

And after the 2021 season, she wrote: “So much to be proud of… It’s amazing to see you put your head down and work every day to be the best teammate, leader and footballer you can be.”

Williams now owns her own online workout platform called Pilates By Britt and is a budding fashion influencer.

The couple live in Buffalo with their adorable puppy, Sky.

Brittany has always been a hit with Bills Mafia, with fans regularly commenting on her snaps asking the ultimate question: When is Allen going to propose?

In her latest snap, one fan captioned, “Queen of Buffalo!”

While another added, “Two missions here. Get Josh a ring, you a ring and crown our king and queen.”

And a third laughed: “How does it feel to be the first lady of the United States?”

Allen was drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft in 2018 and has since established himself as a Bills starter.

A dual threat QB, Allen’s 6ft5, 237lbs frame makes him effective in both the air and on the ground.

He’s ready for his fourth straight season with the Bills after another stellar campaign.

In sixteen regular season games in 2022, Allen completed 359 passes for 4,283 yards and 35 touchdowns.

He also accounted for 762 rushing yards, as well as rushing in 7 touchdowns.

The Bills will face the Miami Dolphins in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs on January 15.

Who holds the most NFL records as a QB?

In the NFL, starting quarterback is the only position credited with win-loss records. Tom Brady holds the record for most regular season hits with 251. Read also : NFL Cheerleading Salaries 2022 | For Match Fees (Confirmed) | revealed. Otto Graham holds the record for highest hitting percentage with as few as 50 starts at . 814 (57–13–1).

Who owns the most quarterback records in the NFL? Tom Brady holds both the regular season record, with 89,130 ​​passing yards, and the playoff record, with 13,049 yards, for a combined record total of 102,179 yards.

Who has the most records in NFL history? The Dallas Cowboys hold the highest regular season win-loss percentage (. 574), with a record of 550–408–6 through the end of the 2022 season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hold the lowest regular season win-loss percentage season (. 404), with a record of 299–442–1, through 2022.

How many records does Tom Brady hold?

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What does Josh Allen’s GF do for a living?

What does Brittany Williams do? What does Brittany Williams do for a living? She is a certified Pilates instructor. She runs a Pilates Instagram page known as “Pilates by Britt” and is a Mat & Reformer instructor, which are types of Pilates. To see also : Valero Alamo Bowl CEO looks to boost game’s prestige in coming years. She also poses as a model for different fashion brands via Instagram.

How much is Josh Allan worth? As of January 2023, Josh Allen’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 million.

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