Eastside Eagles cheer squad is committed to being the best

COVINGTON, Ga. — Cheerleaders spend a lot of time and effort working on various cheers to improve a basketball environment. Eastside’s cheer team embodies this dedication.

Their enthusiasm also translates to Eastside’s home basketball games, according to coach Allison Gilbert.

These girls are truly committed to being the best they can be as a team,” said Gilbert. “They are passionate about cheer and the game of basketball. They strive to make sure that each cheerleader’s voice is heard in whatever decision they make about spirits and really having good chemistry together.”

The 16 cheerleaders (six seniors, five juniors and five sophomores) on this year’s team have been hard at work developing that chemistry since last summer.

Gilbert emphasized how the team has also strengthened their camaraderie during the basketball season.

“The girls work hard several days a week to perfect their cheers and find unique ways to cheer for our team,” Gilbert said. “These girls compliment each other in their personalities, which really makes the whole team the leader of the rest of the team.”

The Eagles aim to maintain an upbeat basketball environment in favor of the girls and boys teams in all home matchups. That’s why Eastside entertainment gravitates toward cheers that will keep the crowd pumped all night.

In fact, Gilbert mentioned how players and coaches on both teams have noticed a difference.

“I think the cheerleaders really help set the tone for a basketball game, especially at home,” Gilbert said. “They keep the crowd engaged and excited.”

The Eastside cheerleaders even told Gilbert what her favorite part of being a cheerleader is.

“I asked some of my cheerleaders what the best part is for them,” Gilbert said. “They mentioned having a natural support system in their teammates, encouraging the players and the crowd when the game gets tough and working together to be the best they can be.”

But there are more important things that happen within a cheer team than just cheering.

There are lessons that being a cheerleader has taught that can translate to the rest of their lives. For example, cheerleaders learn leadership, communication and teamwork, all skills they will need in their endeavors and careers.

And, for Gilbert, that’s part of Eastside Cheer’s mission to be the best.

“Not only are you having fun and being involved in your school, but you’re learning to work hard and respect others and work for the betterment of a team instead of the individual,” Gilbert said. “I think that really translates into life after high school.”

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