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JACKSONVILLE – One more day for Look-Ahead Wednesday.

Zone, stop answering questions that question Trevor Lawrence’s skill level and call him a bust. I’m pretty sure half the teams in this league would give up a lot to get his services. Many idiots had their five seconds of fame on your site, but it’s time to put an end to that.

I’ll probably keep deciding what questions to answer and how to answer them, and I expect some will continue to ask about Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s progress — even after a remarkably good and clutch performance Sunday in a 28-27 win over the Baltimore Ravens at TIAA Bank Field. Lawrence has undoubtedly improved this season, and that improvement has been evident in the last three games. In fact, it seems like it’s time to stop wondering if Lawrence will be really good and instead wonder about the levels he can reach. But rest assured, if Lawrence struggles in a game or two — or when he next throws an ill-timed interception — some readers will likely be quick to react and call him a bust. This is understandable because it is difficult for fans and observers to see the big picture. They watch a game, experience the emotions of that game and forget everything that came before. The guess here is that what we’ve seen from Lawrence in recent games will be the norm more often than not. If so, the occasions to call him a bust will be more minimal as time goes on.

I haven’t seen or heard the stadium explode with excitement like that since the Garrard Hail Mary. Gives me chills.

I returned to Jacksonville in 2011, a season after the David Garrard-Mike Thomas Hail Mary beat the Houston Texans in the memorable game you refer to. The best atmosphere in the last decade at TIAA Bank Field that I witnessed came when the Jaguars beat the New England Patriots 31-20 in September 2018 – eight months after the Jaguars lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. While the ‘Bank that day was unreal, I’m not sure it was any more electric than it was on Sunday against the Ravens. Sunday was a phenomenal atmosphere, unsurprisingly. This is a loyal, passionate fan base that has gone nearly a decade and a half with little success aside from a remarkable 2017 season that ultimately proved unsustainable. This fan base saw a memorable win Sunday over a premier franchise contending for the postseason. It’s exciting no matter how the victory was achieved, but the Jaguars made it even more exciting by winning in cardiac arrest. But my sense is that what made the ‘Bank so electric Sunday was a collective knowledge from those in attendance that they saw Lawrence become what so many believe he will become – a special player capable of be an elite quarterback, something this franchise has long coveted. It made Sunday unforgettable. And a little chilling.

Please explain Marvin Jones Jr. touchdown. After watching it several times, I still don’t think he got both feet down in the end zone. However, on review it was confirmed a touchdown. I do not understand it.

NFL rules dictate that a catch is completed if the receiver has possession with two feet in bounds (ed. note: both feet, not one foot twice). Or a knee. Or a shin. Officials ruled that Jaguars wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. got a shin down and in bounds on the 10-yard reception for a touchdown with :14 remaining Sunday.

Fortner was so alert and quick to the late loose ball that two Ravens appeared to be in slow motion. A fer Fortner?

If rookie center Luke Fortner hadn’t recovered Lawrence’s fumble on the second play of the Jaguars’ final drive Sunday, Lawrence’s defining moments on that drive would never have happened. So, yes… a fer Fortner.

The Jaguars gave me everything I’ve hoped to see on Sunday. A defense with a bend-but doesn’t break mentality against an elite quarterback, a one-dimensional offense that could still be effective, and Trevor puts the team on his back and wins. I’ve already asked Santa for a passport rush too! What’s on your Christmas wish list after this performance?

Watching Dewey (Wingard) come into his own over the last couple of seasons has been fun … frustrating at times … but he seems like an overall solid guy. He doesn’t appear to have an All-Pro ceiling or anything like that, but the last few weeks he’s had some big plays in critical spots.

Jaguars safety Andrew Wingard is a remarkable story. He originally signed with the Jaguars as a collegiate free agent following the 2019 NFL Draft. He has apparently been placed “on the bubble” by the media in every training camp since then and continues to make the team – and thrive. He has earned his spot on the roster every season and is now on his third coaching staff. He played a key role Sunday, forcing a fumble that led to a fourth-quarter field goal in a one-point victory. So, yes… one of Dewey’s…

Wingard has caught a lot of flak since he’s been here, but I have to give credit where it’s due. He has completely changed my view of him. So a big ‘fer to Mr. Wingard!!

While I’ve made a habit of criticizing Andrew Wingard and his up-and-down play at safety, his late-game streak was pure hustle and turned the game around. Andrew, I owe you an apology; good luck and success ahead in your Jags career. #DTWD.

… and an apology along with another by Dewey.

KOAF: It’s amazing when the Jaguars win, we don’t hear fans complaining about how the refs missed calls. On the last touchdown pass with :14 left, the Jaguars should have been called for an illegal formation or shift as the right tackle was not set when the ball was snapped. It should have been a ten second run off and five yard penalty. Does that mean there isn’t a conspiracy by the refs to make the Jaguars lose?

I typically pay much less attention to officiating than most fans, and I rarely discuss officiating as a reason for a team’s wins and losses. This is because I think officials generally do a very good job – and do so without the bias that many fans think they see. The great and unassailable truth is that fans see calls against their team and rarely see calls for their team. Fans fan. That’s what they do.

I thought Chad Muma played well. I thought he and Devin Lloyd would be in the rotation, but I saw a lot more of Muma on the field than Lloyd. Obviously, Foye Oluokun played solid. Is it worth it for Jaguars defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell to try to find a system where all three can be on the field at the same time? I saw a couple of plays where we also had three safeties on the field. I just wanted to hate that Lloyd was down after the start to the season he had.

Muma played well in place of Lloyd Sunday and I expect him to remain in the starting lineup for the foreseeable future. The Jaguars used a three-inside linebacker package with Oluokun, Muma and Lloyd on the field. But this package was primarily to counter a Ravens offense that featured a running quarterback in Lamar Jackson and a tight end-oriented offense. The same was true of the three-safety defensive looks that featured only one cornerback. I doubt you’ll see either package extensively against more conventional offenses. I expect Muma to play more than Lloyd along with Oluokun moving forward as coaches try to find a role for Lloyd. It’s important for Lloyd to maintain confidence, but it’s more important right now for the Jaguars to have players lined up and consistently in the right position.

I wrote a few weeks ago asking if you thought the Eagles game might have “shaken” our quarterback and followed up by saying they need to let the kid run or at least need that threat to be there. TL at the postgame presser really made me feel stupid for that one. Kid is tougher than a coffin nail.

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