Jourdanton Cheerleaders performing in London

Pictured left to right: Madison Garvin, Cali Hindes and Trinity Garcia in front of the Watchtower Bridge in the UK. The trio were among the 12 per cent of Professional Artists selected to perform in London’s New Year’s Eve parade. LARGE PHOTO | FREE JOURDANTON

Starting her career as a cheerleader early came with some memorable moments for Cali Hindes. Senior Jourdanton danced in the new year in the London New Year’s Day parade with fellow Squaw cheerleaders, juniors Madison Garvin and Trinity Garcia.

The trio earned their place in the parade after being selected as All-Americans during the Holy Spirit Camp held last summer. All-Americans are selected by testing based on outstanding cheerleading skills at camps conducted by the International Cheerleaders Association (UCA). Only 12% of the cheerleaders and dancers from the camps were able to participate in the parade.

“I think it’s a lot more fun considering you’re with your friends and you know you’re done together,” Hindes said. “That impressed him even more. We did everything together while we were there and it was fun to be able to experience new things with them. “

Among the parade participants, Jourdanton was well represented as were Hindes, Garvin and Garcia at the forefront of the Varsity Spirit group.

From a population of more than 4,000 in Jourdanton to 9,000,000 in London, the new environment presented new interesting things to Hindes, Garcia and Garvin. Apart from the parade, they had the opportunity to visit some famous places in England including Buckingham Palace, The Crown Jewels and Windsor Castle.

Hindes described the experience as “a great way out” and hopes to attend the parade again as a spectator and support Garvin and Garcia, among others, who are running for office next year.

At the time of publication, Hindes and Garvin are currently competing at the Atascosa County Livestock Show. Hindes will attend Texas A&M University in the fall where she will pursue a degree in Agribusiness.

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