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Can you make the cheer team without tumbling?


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The OHS Cheerleaders competed at the UIL State Spirit Competition in Fort Worth last week. This is the program’s second year to compete, and for the first time in school history, they advanced as state finalists and finished 15th in the state of Texas in division 3A-D1.

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How do I exercise like a cheerleader?

Some of my best acrobats are those on my teams with no acrobatics experience, but it’s clear from the qualifiers that they have the athleticism and mental focus to gain advanced skills. See the article : Photos from Thursday’s Pro Bowl practice with Brian Burns and Stephon Gilmore. I’ve had athletes with just one star learn one round-off, back handspring, doubles per competition season.

  • What is a no-fall cheer team? TEAM STARTS – JUNE 2022. The NON TUMBLING team concept is NEW. It allows athletes who lack or lack tumbling skills to compete competitively.
  • Is the fall necessary for cheer? Tumbling is a significant part of any cheerleading program, which is why it’s important to include it as part of your testing process. Making some type of tipping requirement on your score sheet will show the importance of tipping and that you want it as part of your program.
  • Can you be a cheerleader if you can’t fall? Usually you don’t need to fall, but it can count as extra points. So you should know how to do a backbend, cartwheel, rounding, handstand, and possibly handwalking and a back somersault.

To start today, try 10 repetitions of the following exercises 4 times.

Squats Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. …

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