Pain Care Team Total for the week: EMCC Cheer Team

SCOOBA, Miss. (WTOK) – This week’s Total Pain Care team is EMCC’s Cheerleading team as the Lions earn top 10 national titles during the 2023 UCA and UDA college cheer and dance national championships.

EMCC’s top 10 place shows took place among 24 field teams, the Lions were one of the four community colleges making the tournament. It was the first time the Lions made the national championship under Head Coach Danielle McDade and it was a season to remember.

“I have cheered all my life and hit zero both day one and day two, which means we have no deductions on our stunts, no deductions tumbling anything like that ever. I cried. I cried to say the least. We all do it because it is an achievement which is huge,” Senior Cheerleader Cameron Boone said. “You go and you practice like any other sports team. You practice hardcore for some time. When you see that it’s paying off, it’s like a feeling of wow we did it,” Boone said.

“It was the most excited I’ve ever been when they announced we were going to the finals,” said Head Coach McDade. “That day, I was actually in the background and one of the videos I saw myself was crying. I couldn’t believe they had it on the video because I was crying. I couldn’t even say anything to them I was so happy. My heart was racing because I want so much for them. They’ve been working so hard and they want so much and so do I,” McDade said.

Congratulations to EMCC Cheer for being named the Total Pain Care team this week!

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