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The East Bernard Brahma cheer team earned some top marks, but they didn’t advance to the finals at the UIL Spirit Championship in Fort Worth last Thursday.

The Brahma cheerleaders competed against 46 other 3A DII schools from around the state, and despite not reaching the finals, East Benard cheer sponsor Leslie Martin was pleased with the way the girls performed.

“I am incredibly proud of this team’s effort and heart this season. With limited practice time and balancing cheering with their many other involvements, these girls put together and executed a routine that we and the community are proud of,” said Martin. “Wherever we placed us, we had a good time together and took notes on how to improve for next year, so we consider the experience a success.”

East Bernard’s top marks came in the school fight song, which earned a 62.850, good enough for 17th in the state in the preliminary round. One point separated East Bernard from a top-10 finish.

“There was a ton of teamwork put into it and it was clear the girls had fun doing it,” Martin said. “It’s the last part of the routine, which is when you start to lose some energy, but as soon as the music started, the girls fired up and performed it even better than they ever had at home. I knew they were going to do it fair enough, but they really impressed me that day.”

Rounding out the girls’ performance was a 38th place in band singing and a 27th place in audience leading. Combined in the three events, East Bernard had 171.75 points, nearly 10 points higher than Danbury, the only other Brahma football district team to compete.

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