Green Country Shining Stars spreading joy

TULSA, Okla. – The Green Country Shining Stars Cheer Squad is minutes from the show, and the squad has been revived.

“I’m so excited,” said 13-year-old team member Morgan. He and the rest of the team are ready for the spotlight.

“We have a lot of fun, and we work hard,” says teammate Lucy Kennon.

The Green Country Shining Stars are preparing for their first show of the new year. This is also the first time they are wearing shiny new uniforms.

— I feel fascinating! says Lisa Nicole Schaffel.

Shining Stars has been captivating audiences for over 20 years.

“We are a cheerleading squad for athletes with special abilities,” says coach Michelle Adams.

Adams founded the group in 2008. He says it was a first for Green Country.

“I was at a cheerleading competition with my daughter, and we saw an organization like this. I was out of state, and they were performing, and it touched my heart, and I thought we need something like this here,” Adams. he says

So he and his daughter, Abigail, developed the group together. Since then, others, like Michelle King and her daughter, Makenzie, have stepped up to help.

“We’re all volunteers. We don’t get paid for what we do. We just do it because we care about the girls,” says Adams.

Seventeen ladies make up the group, designed for over five years old.

“A lot of times, special athletes don’t get the opportunities that their peers get, so I wanted to tell them. Yes, you can be a cheerleader,” Adams says.

They perform at regional events, cheerleading competitions and local sporting events. The night we caught them, they had a wood fire at Memorial High School.

The group wasted no time in lighting up the room once they hit the floor. Their routine, a combination of cheer and dance, was pure three minutes of pep. Spirits filled the air, and smiles filled the gym. The group also threw in a few surprises. The team says these halftime shows are confidence boosters, and that’s music to the coach’s ears.

“My heart shines just like them, because they get to show the world what they’ve got,” says Adams.

With nearly 50 shows, being in this group takes commitment, but the ladies say it’s easy to show up when you’re having a great time.

“I like being with all my friends,” says Schaffel.

“Those girls are more than teammates. They’re best friends,” Adams says.

Best friends who remind us that everyone deserves their time to shine.

The Green Country Shining Stars will be at halftime next Tuesday, January 24th at the Metro Christian Academy boys basketball game if you want to go cheer them on. If you have a special athlete who would like to join the team, or would like to volunteer or invite the team to play at one of your events, you can contact the team here.

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