Mississippi Gulf Coast Youth Soccer League holds bowl games, the first ever cheerleading competition

POPLARVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) – Even a little rain couldn’t slow down tomorrow’s grilling stars. On Saturday, Peewee football players and cheerleaders from each of the six coastal counties met in Poplarville and went to work.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Youth Football League saw nearly 3,000 athletes representing 15 programs compete in this year’s event. It’s year 12 for the annual boules games. In addition to football, there is a cheering competition this year.

League chairman Ben Taylor said the addition was long overdue.

“I think cheerleaders are just as important as football players,” Taylor said. “Usually, in years past, the cheering season ended pretty much with the last football games. They train as much as footballers. They practice the same hours; they practice the same number of days. There was really no way to end their season. I feel like the cheer contest was a way for them to bring together what they’ve been working on all season and compete for something tangible.

Cheer coach Hannah Smith agrees with Taylor’s sentiments that these cheerleaders deserve to shine.

“A lot of people are here to see the cheerleaders,” Smith said. “You know, because cheerleaders are part of it now; their families are here. I think it would be a good opportunity for them.

Whether it’s scoring a touchdown or nailing a pyramid, these kids have a bright future and are making a name for themselves.

The competition was held between 8U and 10U bowl games.

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How do you impress judges at cheer tryouts?

Above all, POINT THOSE TOES! Timing: The judges pay special attention to the timing and rhythm of the moves, jumps and dance routine. Smooth transitions between dance routines, stunting and joy itself are also very important. To see also : Week 2 2022 win | Introducing the Jaguars Game Ball. Choreography: Judges will award extra points for originality and range of motion.

How do you stand out in cheering trials? How to Rock Your Cheerleading Essay

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  • 2 | Submit all documents on time (or sooner!)…
  • 3 | Practice the test material at home. …
  • 4 | Brush up on your basics. …
  • 5 | Remember that your performance during the clinics is just as important as the actual trial.

What do cheer coaches look for in tryouts? What happens in tryouts: Coaches and captains are looking for new team members who will work well with the team. They ask about previous experience with cheering, dancing and/or gymnastics. If you’ve already clapped, they’ll ask about stunting and somersaulting and may ask you to demonstrate. If not, fear not.

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What is competitive cheer called?

What is All Star Cheer? All Star Cheer is a team-based, high-energy, athletic, artistic and acrobatic performance sport. It involves athletes competing with a 2. This may interest you : ‘Senior Night’ for THS Band and Cheerleaders.5 minute routine consisting of segments of tumbling, stunts, pyramids, dancing and cheering.

Are there professional competitive cheerleaders? Nor is there a professional equivalent for sports. Although athletes like Navarro could theoretically continue to cheer on professional sports teams – like the Laker Girls, for example – the women on those teams tend to come from a dance background, and there’s no competitive aspect. .

What is the highest level of joy? Level 7 is the highest level of cheerleading, where the most skills are allowed. A common belief is that the higher a team is, the better.

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