Thursday update: “The talent is there…”

JACKSONVILLE – Another week, another big challenge.

The Jaguars defense will face a tough opponent on Sunday. And as a unit that has struggled in recent weeks prepares for that task, defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell on Thursday made clear improvement entirely possible.

“The talent is here; we’re happy with the players that are here,” Caldwell said as the Jaguars (4-8) prepare to play the South-leading Tennessee Titans (7-5) AFC at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tenn. ., Sunday at 1 p.m.

The Jaguars, after a solid start defensively, have struggled there in the last two months. They have allowed 20 or more points in seven consecutive games – and after forcing nine turnovers in the first four games, they have seven takeaways in the last eight.

The defense through 12 games ranks 25th in the NFL in yards allowed at 369.1 yards per game, allowing more than 400 yards in three straight games. They have allowed at least 27 points in each of the last three games, allowing a season-high in a 40-14 loss to the Detroit Lions last Sunday.

“We have to go back and look at what they do well, and give them opportunities to do it,” said Caldwell. “We study weekly on what rush and matchup is best for this person. We have to go out there and give them the opportunity to do what they are good at.”

Caldwell added, “We’ve got to get them to understand that when you do it the right way you have to do it the right way over and over again. You’ll see times we’re right at the point and other times we are nothing.” That’s part of training. We all own that.

“We have to get those guys to play the way they need to play over and over.”

During his media availability on Thursday, Caldwell discussed in detail the loss to Detroit, a game in which the Lions scored on their first eight possessions before kneeling to run out the clock on the final series of the game.

“It’s one of those performances where I felt like it wasn’t us,” Caldwell said. “You go back and you talk to the guys and they had the same feeling. We’ve got to get back on the pitch on Sunday and go at it again.”

The players then talked about the performance lacking energy in the loss to the Lions, something Caldwell said was evident when reviewing the game.

“The thing about it is that you noticed it watching the film,” Caldwell said. “We have a saying that when someone makes a play we all make a play. You should be excited when your brother makes a play. You didn’t see that Sunday – for whatever reason. We go dig deep and find out.

“Go back and let this game be a youth game, enjoy the game. When you’re out there, put a smile on your face, enjoy it.”

Who are the players on the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Who is the Jaguars backup quarterback? Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback CJ Beathard is the backup quarterback for the Jaguars. On the same subject : Mount Vernon High School cheerleaders are raising funds to go to the ….

Who is the best player on the Jags?

Who is Jaguars number 1 receiver?

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Is Caldwell a good coach?

Caldwell is a good coach. He proved that with a 62-50 record in seven seasons coaching the Indianapolis Colts from 2009-11 and the Lions from 2014-17. This may interest you : Camp ’22: The evaluation process for O-Line begins. He led the Lions to the playoffs twice in four seasons and his .

Is Jim Caldwell a defensive coach? Caldwell got his first full-time coaching job in 1978 for the Southern Illinois Salukis as their new defensive backs coach. In 1980 he was further promoted to defensive coordinator and called his own defense for the first time in his career.

How many Super Bowl rings does Jim Caldwell have? Caldwell has been part of two Super Bowl winning teams in his career; as the assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach for the Colts team that won Super Bowl XLI and as the offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens team that won Super Bowl XLVII.

Why isn t Jim Caldwell a head coach?

He was forced to step down before the start of the season due to a health concern. See the article : Listen: hear Guardians fans cheer for Game 3 as they walk away from the blocks further (video) celebrating the Royals pennant. In his tenure as head coach of the Detroit Lions, Caldwell compiled a 36-28 record and made the playoffs twice in four years.

Is Jim Caldwell still coaching football? Since being fired in Detroit, Caldwell has had just one more stint in the NFL, serving one year with Flores as the assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach at Miami in 2019.

Who is the new head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars? Doug Pederson takes over as Jaguars open 1st camp under new coach. JACKSONVILLE, Fla.â Football is back for the Jaguars.

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