Wednesday Update: “A big, exciting week…”

JACKSONVILLE – The theme of the week is as obvious as it is real.

This is a big week for the Jaguars, as big a week in mid-December as it has been for the franchise in half a decade, something Doug Pederson made clear and early in his speech to the media Wednesday.

“This is a big and exciting week,” the Jaguars head coach said as the Jaguars (5-8) prepared to host the Dallas Cowboys (10-3) at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday at 1 p.m. “It’s going to be an electric atmosphere with the expected crowd here. It should be fun.”

The Jaguars, winners of three of their last five games, have in recent weeks made their preseason goal of playing significant games in December a reality.

“We all understand how important this game is,” quarterback Trevor Lawrence said. “Every game is important, but especially with where we’re at.”

While the Jaguars trail the AFC South-leading Tennessee Titans (7-6) by two games with four remaining, a win on Sunday will ensure the Jaguars stay in the postseason discussion.

“When you’re playing a game in December and January and it counts, it’s always nice to be in that position just because you’re in a position to control your own destiny,” said wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. “That’s what it is for us. We I love this challenge. It’s urgent, for sure.”

Despite their deficit in the standings, Sunday took on greater significance for the Jaguars when they beat the Titans last Sunday in Nashville. If the teams tie for first place in the AFC South, the Jaguars will win the division if they beat the Titans in Jacksonville in the regular season finale.

The head-to-head results are the NFL’s first postseason playoff.

“This is another ‘run the business-and-get-where-you-need-to-be’ game,” Jaguars outside linebacker Josh Allen said. “We can get close to where we need to be. We know we have a big challenge. We’re excited.”

The remaining Jaguars games: Dallas, against the New York Jets (7-6), against the Houston Texans (1-11-1), and Tennessee. The remaining games of the Titans: in Los Angeles Chargers (7-6), Houston, Dallas, in Jacksonville.

“We understand how big this game is and every game progresses,” Lawrence said. “This stage is huge. We have a great opportunity. Our backs are against the wall and we have to fight our way out. I think we have the perfect group to do it.”

Pederson agreed, reiterating Wednesday what he’s said several times this season: That whatever the outcome, he’s liked this team’s approach in his first season as the Jaguars’ head coach.

“I like where we are,” Pederson said. “Wins and losses are different, but where is the team mentally at this time of year, where is the team physically at this time of year, where is the team from a health standpoint at this time of year. .. all those things are advantages.” for us.

“The way they practice throughout the week, how they prepare and get ready to play [is consistently strong]. That’s what you want to see as a head coach. Guys aren’t shutting down. Even the games we’ve lost have been [mainly] in the fourth quarter and playing hard until the end. The guys are disappointed to lose.

“So for me, I like where the mental side of things is with this football team right now.”

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How much did Jackson pay Deion Sanders?

How much did Jackson State pay Deion Sanders? Deion Sanders initially signed a 4-year, $1. To see also : Commanders REJECT $14,822 CHECK for winning draw, but blame bank for mistake before.2 million contract with Jackson State that paid a base salary of $300,000 per year before the incentives went into effect.

How much did the Cowboys pay Deion Sanders? In football terms, after the 49ers didn’t offer Sanders a contract, he decided to sign with the Dallas Cowboys in one of the biggest deals in franchise history. Sanders signed a seven-year, $35 million contract that included a $12.999 million signing bonus.

Why did Deion Sanders leave the Jackson state? In addition to his own salary, Colorado promised Sanders a $5 million war chest to hire his coaching staff, another advantage not possible at Jackson State. In fact, Sanders’ new contract in Colorado is more than 10 times larger than Jackson State’s total football budget of $2.1 million in 2021.

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