Cheerleading: Rochelle’s teams compete in Interstate 8 Conference…

Varsity squad finishes fourth out of eight schools

SYCAMORE – Sycamore High School hosted the 2022-23 Interstate 8 Conference and Kishwaukee River Conference Championship meets on Wednesday. This may interest you : Zone O: put out the flames. The Rochelle Township High School varsity and JV cheerleading teams each participated in the event, with the varsity team finishing fourth out of eight schools in the Interstate 8 Conference, while the JV team participated in an exhibition format.

The varsity team will compete in the IHSA Belvidere North Sectional on Saturday, January 28th. The varsity team is coached by Trish Rodeghero and includes Ava Lynn, Baylie Sutton, Rylee Jackson, Rivers Estock, Ava Albers, McKenna Cook, Anna Harvey, Ayla Walker, Lauryn Akey, Morgan Smardo, Zoe White, Jasmynn Lipscomb and Riley White.

The JV team is coached by Mychaela Hurst and includes Julia Livingston, Maycie Powell, Ryelee Bogle, Madigan Williams, Cambrey Rodeghero, Marianna Saldana, Ashley Dickey, Naleia Fonfara, Sophia Favela, Jocelyn Cervantes and Lydia Osborne.

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What teams were in the Southwest Conference in 1970?

Texas Christian4.429
Texas A&M2.000

Who were the members of the Southwest Conference? The Southwest Athletic Conference was organized in 1914. This may interest you : O-zone: Too inconsistent. Charter members included the University of Texas, Texas A&M University, Baylor University, University of Arkansas, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State) University, Southwestern University of Georgetown, and Rice University.

When did the Southwest Conference break up? In 1996, the SWC was officially disbanded and the teams dispersed, but their fans followed. The University of Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor and Texas Tech joined the schools of the Big Eight to form the Big 12 Conference. SMU, TCU and Rice joined the Western Athletic Conference.

What were the teams in the old Southwest Conference? Southwest Conference, former American collegiate athletic organization founded in 1914 with eight members: University of Arkansas, Baylor University, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Agriculture and Mining College (now Oklahoma State University), William Marsh Rice Institute (now Rice University), Southwestern. ..

How many teams were in the Southwest Conference?

The Southwest Conference was composed of eight Texas universities and the University of Arkansas. Read also : Tanking? Panthers positioned for No. 1 pick after CMC trade.

What year did the Southwest Conference end? The breakup happened quickly. The Big Eight officially invited Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Baylor in February 1994. Those in Houston, Rice, SMU, and TCU were stunned and suddenly sprang into action. At the end of the 1995–96 academic year, the Southwest Conference would cease to exist.

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When did the Big 8 expand?

It became the Big 7 when the University of Colorado joined the conference in 1948 and the Big 8 when Oklahoma State was added in 1959. The conference expanded in 1996 when four Texas universities (Texas, Baylor, Texas Tech and Texas A&M University) left the Southwest Conference and joined the Big 8.

When did the Big 8 break up? Following the formation of the Big 12 Conference in 1994, the Big Eight continued their operations until August 30, 1996, when the conference was formally dissolved and its members officially began competing in the Big 12 Conference.

When did the Big 8 become the Big 12? The Big 12 Conference was founded in February 1994. The eight members of the former Big Eight Conference joined with Southwest Conference universities the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, Baylor University and Texas Tech University to form the conference where the game began in 1996.

Who were the original Big 8 teams?

The conference was formed in 1907 as the Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MVIAA) by five charter schools: the University of Kansas, the University of Missouri, the University of Nebraska, the University of Iowa, and Washington University in St. Louis.

Who were the original Big 10? The Big Ten Conference, formerly the Western Intercollegiate Conference, one of the oldest college athletic conferences in the United States, formed in 1896 by the universities of Chicago, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, and Purdue and Northwestern universities.

Who were the original Big 12 teams? Big 12 Conference, originally Big 6 Conference, American collegiate athletic organization, composed of the universities of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, as well as Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Baylor, Texas Christian, Texas Tech and West Virginia universities.

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