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Do you think Trevor was referring to reader comments on the O-Zone when he said that’s fueled his development? Hopefully. I had some good jabs that got posted in London after the game that hopefully made it onto his bulletin board. But I’m all for Trevor. The kid goes everywhere.

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence actually addressed the criticism he faced in the first season and a half of his NFL career this week, saying, “I remember everything,” adding that he’s “a little bit more of now.” a chip on my shoulder” “what was said and what people wrote.” Lawrence also said he uses past criticism as fuel. Lawrence wasn’t overly criticized in hindsight, and many of the concerns people expressed were understandable; We live in an age of quick-triggered analysis, and few fans or observers understand that a few weeks of early-on short-term mistakes don’t necessarily define a player’s entire career. However, I imagine Lawrence spoke more through national and local media — mixed in with a lot of social media — than “reader comments” — and I imagine the O-Zone is pretty low on his list of information sources. Heaven help him otherwise.

Evan Engram has put a lot on himself with a one-year contract. What do you think the chances are that the Jaguars will bring him back? He seems so important to the offense that I’m not sure they can afford not to.

Jaguars tight end Evan Engram will likely be a major topic off-season. He will become a free agent next offseason after signing a one-year contract the previous offseason. His idea was actually to bet on himself, and he signed with the Jaguars because he believed in head coach Doug Pederson’s reputation for being a tight-end-friendly attacker. That turned out to be a good bet. Engram has been offensively important to the Jaguars all season, and that importance was evident last week when he caught 11 passes for 162 yards and two touchdowns in the Jaguars’ win over the Tennessee Titans. This might be difficult. The Jaguars likely won’t be major players in free agency next season with the idea of ​​having significant salary cap room in the 2024 offseason. But they won’t be so cap-locked that they won’t be able to maneuver contracts and cap space for a player or two if they so choose. Engram has played well enough to deserve such machinations. He may also have played well enough that signing him could be difficult if he wants to test the market. Stay tuned.

Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. is an explosive player. The problem I see with the Jaguars’ running game is that we lack the guy to give it to when we need four yards and are confident we’re going to get it. We need a pounder to complement Etienne.

Boxcutter Bill of Worcester, MA

Seems like the Dallas Cowboys — particularly Micah Parsons — are overlooking the Jags. It would be very cowboyish for her to come to Duval and lay an egg. It would also be very “Jaguar” of us to lay an egg too, especially after a momentum-building game like last week. Not asking for a result, but realistically what does his funkyness think about our chances. By the way, my son’s nickname in youth football is “Funky” because of our last name. Funky cold medina.

I wouldn’t assume Parsons or the Cowboys overlook the Jaguars. Parsons, the Cowboys’ star linebacker, made some comments on Von Miller’s podcast this week about the Philadelphia Eagles and Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts that drew the ire of some Eagles fans. And those comments will no doubt be discussed often next week when the Eagles and Cowboys play in a big NFC East game. While one such incident gives the impression that a player is thinking about something other than this week’s opponent, it was actually part of a podcast earlier in the week. Players think about topics other than the current game during a given week. It doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of focus. The Cowboys had a narrow win over the Houston Texans last week and the Jaguars had a big win over the Tennessee Titans. I’d be surprised if the Jaguars didn’t have the Cowboys’ attention.

The Titans should perhaps rest all of their players over the next three weeks. All they have to do is beat the Jaguars in the finals and they win the division. Of course, that assumes the Colts lose another game.

NFL teams don’t think so — and the Titans won’t be resting their players for the next three weeks. They are 7-6, two games ahead of the Jaguars in the AFC South and still fighting for a playoff spot. They can also win the division before the regular-season finals if they win twice and the Jaguars lose twice in the next three games. The NFL is a week-to-week league. You play as hard as you can until you reach your playoff position or until you’re eliminated. They certainly don’t give games away with the idea of ​​having a winner-takes-all single-elimination game at the end of the season.

You media dudes can’t keep asking players for a compiled video coach without showing it to fans! Release the Pederson Cut!

They refer to a video Pederson showed to players the night before a win over the Titans last Sunday. The players spoke after the win about the video that inspired them and showed new players the history and importance of the rivalry. Pederson prefers to keep things like this on the team. I don’t expect the Pederson Cut to be open to the public.

WHY THE HELL NOT? If you remember, that was the basis of my bold prediction in August. I’m not looking for credit here, but it feels like a pretty good rallying cry. IMPORTANT!!

How do the Jaguars attack the Cowboys and how do they defend themselves? Do you see vulnerabilities that we can exploit?

The Cowboys are not particularly weak in any area. They’ve struggled at times to defend the run, which the Jaguars will have to try to capitalize on Sunday, and they’re a stronger running team than an offensively passing team. But that’s relative. They’re pretty strong everywhere. The Jaguars need to run effectively enough on Sunday to keep Dallas’ pass rush from dominating the game, and they need to stop the run enough to have an opportunity to error and harass Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. From this point of view, this is the Jaguars’ best chance of winning Sunday.

I’ve been a Jags fan for 15 years and it’s a pleasure to see them starting to turn things around. Trevor Lawrence is certainly a key reason. Do you agree that winning is more fun and contagious?

I think winning is cool. I think fans like it. I think the players like it too.

Hello John. “The National Football League Comeback Player of the Year award refers to a series of awards presented to a National Football League (NFL) player who has demonstrated resilience in overcoming adversity, in the form that he Wasn’t in the NFL the previous year, a serious injury, or just a poor performance.” Trevor is entitled. Your thoughts?

Lawrence would qualify for Comeback Player of the Year. Whether the people who voted for the award would have considered him “down” enough to “come back” is another question. It’s usually an injury-related award or an award given to a player who was really good once and struggled for a year. My feeling is that this season Lawrence will be perceived less as a “coming back” and more as a “breaking out.”

My son’s fifth birthday party is on the 18th (B-Day is the 19th) and he wanted a Jaguars themed birthday party (please don’t rush after that, but beating the cowboys would be a great birthday present. DUUUVAL

KOAF – It wasn’t that long ago that a holding penalty or false start on offense was a drive-killer. Now men are at work – business as usual. Before, everything we tried was a failure. Now we have playmakers everywhere, who can that be now? Some people don’t know when to stop. I’m sure you’ll agree with me despite the overkill. Be good Johnny.

When you have a big quarterback like Lawrence that’s playing at a high level, opponents should run better, take cover better.

Can ozone therapy make you sick?

Common side effects of ozone therapy: These include burning eyes, coughing, nausea, lightheadedness, or a slight headache. These symptoms are temporary and usually resolve shortly after treatment. On the same subject : Dan Snyder: terrible NFL owner and possibly a worse man –. A Herxheimer (healing) reaction is possible.

Can an ozone device make you sick? Adults and children who breathe high levels of ozone for short periods (minutes or hours) may experience eye, nose and throat irritation, shortness of breath, chest pain and coughing. Breathing in high levels of ozone can make asthma symptoms worse.

How long does ozone stay in your system? Ozone enters your body and lasts about 10 minutes promoting glutathione production when it meets proteins in your blood. Ozone generates reactive oxygen species: alkenes, alkynes, super oxygen ions, peroxides, peroxyls.

What should I do after ozone therapy? After each session, lie down for about 20 minutes. Ozone also affects the body after a therapy session. When you lie down, you give the ozone a chance to circulate throughout the body, giving your organs more time to eliminate toxins that are left behind after detoxification.

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Is Breathing ozone good for you?

Is it safe to breathe ozonated air? Ozone (O₂) is a colorless to blue gas with a pungent odor. Exposure to ozone can cause headaches, coughing, a dry throat, shortness of breath, a heavy feeling in the chest, and fluid in the lungs. Read also : Watch as the daughter of NFL star Elijah Wilkinson gets handed over to her dad in training – and she won’t let go!. Higher exposure can lead to more severe symptoms. Chronic exposure can lead to asthma.

How much ozone is safe breathing? Ozone-Generating Equipment The EPA’s national standards for ozone (which fall under the national Ambient Air Quality Standards under the Clean Air Act) require an indoor ozone concentration of 0.070 ppm for 8 hours for a period of one year. NIOSH recommendations suggest that 0.10ppm should never be exceeded.

Is ozone good for the lungs? Ozone affects the lungs and airways in many ways. Exposure can lead to increased absenteeism from school or work, doctor visits and emergency room visits, and hospitalizations. Research also shows that exposure to ozone can increase the risk of premature death from heart or lung disease.

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