The Holt Rams placed fourth in the CAAC White Division cheerleading competition

LANSING, Michigan — On Wednesday, Holt High School hosted the Capital Area Activities Conference White Division Cheerleading Competition and placed fourth overall.

“Each competition is just an opportunity to grow. So even if the stunts go down there are mix-ups, it just means next time we can come out better and stronger,” said varsity coach Teryn Henderson.

The Rams begin to perfect their choreography in November after the parallel season. Before each competition, Henderson tweaks each performance.

“It’s really just focusing on some of the last words they can focus on as we go to the mat,” Henderson said.

Before each round, the team focuses on staying positive. Co-captains Jayla Robison and Kylee Jones say they try to keep the spirits up by dancing and singing.

“There’s one song that the whole crew knows, and it’s Frozen. It’s a Frozen song and it’s Let It Go, so everybody was singing it,” Jones said.

As the team focuses on letting him go, Coach Henderson keeps an eye on the big picture.

“I think there’s always something we can work on, so it’s always finding those little details and focusing on being better,” said Henderson.

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Star cheerleaders usually have a higher skill level than high school cheerleaders and take classes focused on acrobatics, gymnastics, and cheerleading to hone their skill set. See the article : New start for No Name Athletics. They don’t cheer for sports teams or other events, so cheering is more performance based than school spirit.

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Is competitive cheer easy?

Competitive cheerleading generally requires a very high level of skill in all areas of cheerleading; movements, jumps, acrobatics and somersaults. On the same subject : Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints: Week 1 Photo Gallery. These teams also dedicate many hours of practice and even a lot of money for uniforms, trips, camps and gyms.

How difficult is the competitive mood? Not only is it competitive, but it’s also physically demanding. As a former cheerleader, I know firsthand how rigorous this can be. Cheerleaders train as hard as any other athlete. They spend the same amount of time running routines to make sure they run perfectly.

Is the competitive spirit worth it? Is cheerleading worth it? It’s tempting for us to just shout a resounding “YES! But the truth is, cheerleading is a big commitment, and it’s not for everyone. Cheerleading has many benefits. It keeps you active, helps build great friendships, instills good character qualities, and it’s fun!

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Does the NCAA recognize cheerleading as a sport?

Cheerleading FAQs Yes, cheerleading is a sport, but it is not currently recognized by the NCAA as a sanctioned sport. See the article : Panthers fall to 0-2 after 19-16 loss to NY Giants; another late field goal sinks Carolina. For this reason, there is less funding available to coaches for college scholarships.

Why doesn’t the NCAA recognize cheerleading as a sport? Cheerleading does not qualify as a sport, at least not in the eyes of the N.C.A.A. and federal regulators, in part because some universities have tried to circumvent gender equality rules by granting varsity status to cheer teams to the detriment of conventional competitive opportunities for women.

How many states recognize cheerleading as a sport? In 2016, the International Olympic Committee designated cheerleading as a sport and designated a national governing body. Additionally, 31 states recognized competitive spirit as a sport in the 2018-19 school year, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Participation Survey.

Is cheerleading officially recognized as a sport? On July 20, 2021, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted to grant full recognition to the International Cheer Union (ICU) and cheerleaders, making one of America’s oldest examples of teamwork eligible to apply. to be included in the Olympic programme. Now that cheerleaders are considered Olympians…

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