Week 16: Atlanta Falcons at Baltimore Ravens

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Are the Ravens eliminated from playoffs?

The Ravens were eliminated from the playoffs after losing 24-17 to Cincinatti – CBS Baltimore. To see also : The Falcons running back is set to return to practice away from injury.

What team must lose in order for the Ravens to make the playoffs? Baltimore (9-5) must first defeat or tie the Atlanta Falcons on Christmas Eve at M&T Bank Stadium. Then they would need a loss to two of the other three wildcard hopefuls, the New England Patriots (7-7), New York Jets (7-7) and/or Miami Dolphins (8-6). Here are the 10 scenarios: BAL win NE loss/tie NYJ loss/tie.

Is the Ravens out of the playoffs? The Ravens’ 2022 season ended with a bitter pill to swallow in a wild card playoff loss in Cincinnati. In a game that not many pundits felt the Ravens had a chance to win, they outplayed the Bengals in nearly every way, but several errors and one glaring turn of events cost the Ravens 24-17.

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Are the Ravens definitely in the playoffs?

Can the Ravens still make the playoffs? The Baltimore Ravens (10-7) have clinched the playoff berth. The Steelers have been knocked out of playoff contention. This may interest you : The 53: Roster Breakdown. The Browns have been eliminated from playoff contention. The Jacksonville Jaguars (9-8) have clinched a playoff berth.

Is the Ravens in the 2022 playoffs? After a Week 16 win over the Atlanta Falcons and losses to the New England Patriots to the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Ravens qualified for the postseason after missing the playoffs the previous season.

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