2023 NFL Draft: Will Levis, Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson dominated the first round of debate

The 2023 NFL Draft is still months away, but much of the hype comes from the surrounding quarterback selections at the top of Day 1, including Bryce Young of Alabama, Will Levis of Kentucky, Ohio State’s CJ Stroud and Florida’s Anthony Richardson.

Analysts have a new No. 1 pick in the new 2023 NFL Mock Draft of Ryan Wilson. With Levis, Young and other quarterbacks listed among the early options, the SEC hopes to set a new record for Day 1 at the position.

The college football league has had two first-down quarterback touchdowns in the same draft only twice — 2020 and 1952 — and has a chance to make it three or more. this spring according to recent mock drafts. Stroud waited until the last day to announce his entry.

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Here are some recent discussions where quarterbacks get top billing.

Kentucky QB Will Levis goes No. 1 after trade in @CBSSports’ latest 2023 NFL Mock Draft: https://t.co/R1kuccL6ep pic.twitter.com/1vbpmLPn01

Wilson expects the Colts to go all-in on quarterback and move up to the No. 1 pick, potentially taking Levis.

“We made our own recommendations in this mock draft and traded the Bears down to No. 4, allowing the Colts to move up for … quarterback Will Levis,” Wilson wrote. “That will be controversial, no doubt, and we get why. Levi had a forgettable campaign in 2022 at Kentucky, but NFL teams are very interested in him, and as the old saying goes, there’s only one. And if Colts owner Jim Irsay believes Levi is the next in line after Manning and Luck, then guess what? what will happen?”

The draft season for me was the first picture (first of a million) of Bryce Young ID’ing blitzes, setting up the defense and throwing the right pass. . Smartest QB I’ve watched in a long time pic.twitter.com/ydKOjdyZn4

Young’s pass rush skills are his biggest asset and as Alabama coach Nick Saban has said throughout his career , his quarterback seems to make the right plays even when there is tension in the pocket. Young’s Houdini performance this season has kept the Crimson Tide within striking distance of the College Football Playoff.

It’s too early to say prototyping but it’s bad to say this There are more NFL players from the SEC than any other conference & Bryce Young presided over that conference. His size is not a reason for Chicago not to take him. The reason you think Justin Fields is better Do you?

Justin Fields, Ohio State’s first quarterback, is coming off a better-than-expected second season with the Bears after showing his ability as a runner throughout the campaign. Will Chicago move quickly on a new franchise player under center?

The Chicago Bears would consider drafting Bryce Young at #1 if for no other reason than this: pic.twitter.com/vuuFzRsTzR

Per BamaOnline, Young finished his college career with 8,356 passing yards and 80 touchdowns through the air. He trails only Tua Tagovailoa (87) on the school’s scoring list and McCarron (9,019) in passing yards for the program high. Young holds the Crimson Tide single-season records for most passing yards (4,872), passing touchdowns (47) and total touchdowns (50), which he posted after becoming the first Heisman-winner quarterback in 2021.

In perhaps this draft’s most dangerous quarterback draft, Richardson’s size and skill set are certainly outstanding, but there seems to be growing concern that he isn’t ready for the elite game and needs further development. . Wilson is hoping to hear the first Florida player calling his name soon.

Why Kentucky’s Will Levis is an outstanding QB prospect. pic.twitter.com/ia9q73sWse

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