A brand new cheerleading team makes history

The Bronx high school’s new cheerleading team heads to the National High School Cheerleading Championships at Disney World for the first time.

KIPP Academy’s cheerleading team will join its three sister schools from New York City in the competition.

“Our goal is to win,” said eighth grader Amanda Perez. “It will be like history for us, it is the first time we have done this.”

Co-captain Perez said he was excited for the team – just 4 months old – to make a statement in the state in Florida.

“We just danced, pretending that nobody was there,” Perez said. “We’re just there to get our energy out, to get out into the open… we’re doing something good with our energy.”

Their coach is very proud, saying the team trains four to five days a week, including some weekends.

“They’re not just cheerleaders, they’re athletes,” says cheerleading coach Alicia Kamara. “Just like we have a basketball team, we have a softball team… they know they are athletes too and athletes are always up for the opportunity.”

The star cheerleaders are still about $50,000 short of the money they need to attend a national cheerleading competition in Florida. Go to News 12 Figures & Link if you want to donate.

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