BOSSICK: Shout; A look back at the old cheering squads

By Friday afternoon, it was time to figure out what to write in this space.

After thumbing through the damn index cards we have here at the Daily News, I came across three that say “TASKS.”

In light of attending a clinic at Ludington High School last week with dozens of girls, hunting down the negatives on this topic made sense.

First things first, the photos, some were group photos. In fact, the oldest group photo is from Eastern Mason County. The group pictured was taken in January 1959.

The files did not disclose the Mason County cheerleading squad, but there were several from Ludington. Team photos of the Orioles cheerleading squad include one from 1962 and another from 1972.

But the most obvious thing is that this program has been held in health centers for young girls since 1968. We came across photos from 1968 that look like they were taken at a school that didn’t include Hawley Gym.

Another part of the happiness clinic from 1972 appeared to be taken at the gym in Ludington.

Today’s cheerleaders at East and Ludington – both schools have teams – remember that you are part of a long-standing tradition at your schools. Like the LHS cheerleading squad’s 1972 state run, “Yell!”

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