Gabrielle Union Confirms a ‘Bring It On’ Sequel Is In Development

Photo: Gilbert Flores / various; Beacon Pictures’ “Bring It On” (Getty Images)

Great, wow. Like, totally freak me out, I mean, right on. Clovers sure … get their own belated sequel! (Squeals at the goth queer cheerleader).

On Thursday, Gabrielle Union confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that she is working on the long-rumored sequel to the subversive cheerleading cult film of 2000, Bring It On—one of the only films of its time to see ironic feminism in the women who participated in it. a sport often mocked for its perceived proximity to femininity. In a now-classic role, Union played the much-adored Isis, captain of the Black Clovers cheerleading squad from East Compton.

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“We’ve been developing a sequel centered on [Clovers],” Uni said, quickly correcting those who might vomit at the thought of another rumor or teasing tweet. “We’re working on it.”

The importance of a potential sequel centering on cheerleaders of color cannot be understated. The original film was a big hit in the Black community. In the book Bring It On: The Complete Story of the Cheerleading Movie That Changed, Like, Everything (No, Seriously), writer Kase Wickman describes how even with “a small budget for marketing,” the image of Clovers in the trailer had. drew sold-out audiences to theaters in predominantly Black areas like Baldwin Hills and Harlem. But as anyone who has seen the movie even once knows, the movie is centered around—and spoofed—mostly thin blonde rich women participating in sports.

The Clovers bring their own magic to the film, spawning countless girls in Clovers’ uniforms on Halloween every year, and the screenplay allowed for the characters to touch on white-washing and cultural appropriation in a poignant way. But the Clovers never touched front and center. Until (hopefully) now.

The union first ignited rumors about the reboot in August, on the film’s 22nd anniversary. “Hmmm, so Isis can have teenagers,” he tweeted. She continues to muse publicly about the writer who can enter the project, and imagine the daughter of Isis as a high stepper HBCU or majorette. “There are many forms of cheerleading that we don’t necessarily celebrate,” she said. “The possibilities are endless.” Now, Uni tells ET that Isis’ child doesn’t have to be a young woman to be in a movie about cheerleading.

“I mean, I could have a son, a daughter. I could have a non-binary child. Anything is possible,” she said, adding, “I’ve got Mama June on my side [in real life].”

The success story of Bring It On is quite unbelievable given that it was scheduled to be released at the end of August, which is known as a “dumping ground” for “filler” movies, Wickman explained in Vanity Fair. Before it even hit theaters, the studio had written it off as a Cotton Candy Chick flick. It is expected to make $6 million in its opening weekend. It made almost three times: $17 million. Now, as cheerleading is becoming more widely accepted as a sport for all people, not just girls, it’s the perfect time for a new chapter in the “women’s film” about cheerleading.

Cheerleaders defy gravity all the time. Here we hope this movie flies even higher than the original.

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How old was Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On?

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How long did Cliff Bring It On take? Jesse Bradford had several minor roles before playing Cliff in “Bring It On”. Most notably, Bradford played Balthasar in Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo and Juliet” (1996) before his turn as Cliff. Bradford was 21 when he appeared in “Bring It On,” securing the role for James Franco and Jason Schwartzman.

Are Missy and Cliff twins on Bring It On? In his first practice as a captain, teammate Carver was injured and had to sit out the rest of the season. Torrance held an audition for a replacement and got Missy Pantone, a skilled gymnast who moved from Los Angeles with her twin brother, Cliff.

Is Bring It On based on a true story? Bring It On was originally conceived as an MTV documentary about a competitive cheerleading subculture called Cheer Fever before screenwriter Jessica Bendinger decided to turn her idea into a fictional feature film.

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