As seen in the world of baseball, cheer squads were essential…

Kunihiro Seto, Associate Professor of Sports Culture at Tottori University. Recently, college students have shied away from cheerleading squads because of the intense training and rigorous training these groups undergo. There has also been a growing call to suspend the activities of cheerleading squads due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Sven Asai Jan. 17 08:28 am JST

Not so sure which type you are referring to. There is a very big difference between cheerleading squads and school or college cheerleading squads, of which only the latter are actually facing these issues with required hard training and tighter social distancing during the pandemic. To see also : ECCC Names Bailey Swearingen Gibson Cheer Coach. crown “Normal” cheer teams, even those attached to professional sports teams, are in fact just amateur or semi-professional dance teams without performing as many very difficult routines and may train or perform at a social distance as well on large grounds and stadiums .


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GBR48 Jan. 17 09:21 am JST




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Peter Neil Jan. 17 09:22 am JST



kyushubill Jan. 17 09:45 am JST

I never really saw the point of the cheerleaders, but there’s no reason to ban anything else “because of Covid”. Even the Chinese have given up on this. This may interest you : Under 10 RBJS cheerleaders win again.

Kids may find it more productive to copy dance routines from music videos, especially Kpop. You can do it almost anywhere, alone or with friends, as much as you want.

kohakuebisu Jan. 17 02:14 pm JST

Even if you don’t find talent on YouTube or TikTok, you can definitely stay fit. See the article : PHOTOS OF THE GAME | JAX vs HOU | Week 17.



timeon Jan. 17 06:05 pm JST




Mocheake Jan. 17 06:16 pm JST


I’ve never understood the obsession some people have with professional sports teams. It’s like encouraging McDonalds to make more profit than Mos Burger. The only difference is that taxpayers don’t have to pay to build the business locations.

TrevorPeace Jan. 17 07:44 pm JST


dee Jan. 18 03:50 am JST



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Who does Gabi Butler Cheer for?



Is cheerleading just an American thing?


Cultures change, and so does this one. Don’t fight it, accept it.


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