Bartow, Lakeland regional cheerleading competition

PLANT CITY — Some familiar cheerleading squads were the headliners at the FHSAA Region 3 tournament Friday night at Plant City High School.

Bartow High School took first place in the Large Co-Ed division for the sixth time in eight years. And Lakeland High School won the Extra Large Non-Tumbling Division. Both teams advanced directly to state, which will be held February 3-4 at the University of Florida.

Ridge Community finished second behind Bartow High and George Jenkins sixth. Auburndale finished second in the Extra Large Non-Tumbling division to Lakeland. Davenport was third, but did not have a qualifying score.

Winter Haven placed second in the Medium Co-Ed division and is going straight to the finals.

Bartow continues to dominate

With the victory, Bartow will continue the tradition started in 2008 when cheerleading became a sanctioned sport. To see also : Wildcatz archrival Pajaro Valley retains Belgard Kup | high school football. Bartow won those first years in non-tumbling, eventually winning nine state championships, five national championships and four world titles.

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Twenty-year Bartow head coach Lori Joliff said she is incredibly proud of her team.

“We’re very proud to support Bartow,” Joliff said. “They continue to adapt, adapt, apply and achieve goals. They continue to exceed expectations. Each athlete did his job and did it well. They carried out excitement and execution. The demands placed on athletes are great. Time management is critical to their success as student-athletes. This year’s team has done a tremendous job balancing all of their responsibilities.”

The highlight of Bartow’s night was the elite and final pyramid. Heading into the regionals, Bartow worked on a tough and unique elite. Joliff said she likes the final pyramid.

“There is so much organized chaos and fun going on in that pyramid. You have to watch it multiple times to be able to capture all the greatness,” Joliff said.

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Lakeland shows improvement, tops competition

Last year, the Dreadnaughts placed second in the Big Division without a roll with 20 student-athletes. To see also : IT’S BUENO SEASON AT TACO BUENO!.

“We are incredibly proud of the kids’ hard work and dedication to the program this season,” said Crystal Abdon, Lakeland’s 11th-year head coach. “We added 14 sophomores to our team for a total of 33 athletes. We have 23 first year varsity cheerleaders on the mat. We are equally proud of our veterans. They have accepted new athletes and continue to help them work toward our team’s goals each week.

“As a team, everyone continues to focus on the small details and goals. The opportunity to compete in the state finals is a privilege and we are ready to put in the work over the next two weeks.”

Last week was a team effort, focusing on the details of the routine to perform the skills.

This focus equated to winning the regional competition seven times since the 2012 season.

Assistant coaches Madison Mitchell and Lex Mulkey, a former Lakeland player, were instrumental in guiding the team.

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What makes a good cheerleader?

What are good qualities for a cheerleader? 5 characteristics of great cheerleaders See the article : Don Van Natta on Cowboys cheerleader allegations.

  • Positive attitude. Mindset is everything. …
  • Teamwork. Few sports require as much cooperation as cheerleading. …
  • Dedication. Cheerleading highlights are a great feeling. …
  • Physical strength. Cheerleading is physically demanding. …
  • Ability to listen.

What is the most important thing about being a cheerleader? positive role models for others inside the classroom and outside the community. By setting an example for other students, cheerleaders can help raise the bar for students, school spirit, and behavior. At matches, the primary role of cheerleaders is to support the success of others.

What is the personality of a cheerleader?

People with the ESFJ personality type are stereotypical extroverts. They are social butterflies, and their need to interact with others and make people happy tends to make them popular. The ESFJ usually strives to be a cheerleader or sports hero in high school and college.

What are the values ​​of cheerleaders? Perseverance and dedication Cheerleading is often a year-round commitment. Once they join the team, cheerleaders quickly realize that many people depend on them. As cheerleaders, these individuals make a commitment, through good times and bad, not only to their teams, but also to their schools or gyms.

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What is the most common injury in cheerleading?

The most common cheerleading injuries include: Sprains and strains account for more than half of all cheerleading injuries. Of these, the most common are ankle sprains, followed by strains or sprains of the neck, lower back, knees and wrists.

Is cheerleading hard on your body? Another recent study found cheerleading to be the most dangerous sport for women because of the high risk of concussions and ‘catastrophic’ injuries, which are classified as injuries that result in long-term health conditions, permanent disability or shortened life expectancy.

What is a potentially dangerous injury in Cheerdancing? Common injuries that can occur in competitive cheerleading include: Muscle strains in the hip, lower back, and legs. Sprains of ligaments in knees and ankles. Finger and hand injuries.

How many deaths has cheerleading caused?

Cheerleading resulted in an average of one fatality per year from 1991 to 2015. The annual rate of cheerleading injuries nearly doubled from 2001 to 2012. Astonishingly, cheerleading at the college level was associated with 70.5% of all catastrophic injuries in women’s sports for full 35 years of data collection.

What is the deadliest sport? It is not the only sport with an extreme death rate. A health care study found that the deadliest sport is base jumping with 1 in 2,317 jumps resulting in death. Other dangerous sports include skydiving and skiing.

How many cheerleading injuries occur each year? As a result, more than 30,000 cheerleaders go to the hospital each year due to cheerleading-related injuries. Here are some of the most common dangers for cheerleaders. Cheerleading routines, especially those in competitive cheerleading, involve a lot of running, jumping, and tumbling.

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