Coral Glades Cheerleading Team Finishes 3rd in Regionals in…

Coral Glades Cheerleading Team. {BCAA}

Coral Glades cheerleading had the chance to compete in the regional championships at their home gym on Saturday.

After winning the BCAA Championship in the Large Non-Tumbling Division, the Jaguars placed third. They faced Goleman, Chaminade-Madonna, Piper, Pompano Beach, Dillard, Keys Gate, Olympic Heights, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Avant Garde High School.

Next up, Coral Glades will look to improve on their third-place performance at states in 2022 when they compete Jan. 3 in Gainesville at the University of Florida’s Stephen C. O’Connell Center.

“Absolutely amazing performance today,” said Head Coach Alison Madej. “The energy has been high in a season, and I couldn’t be more proud of my team. We are ready and willing to put in the work necessary to remain one of the top teams in Broward County and the state of Florida .

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What are the cons of cheerleading?

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  • Ankle injuries. Cheerleading routines, especially those in competitive cheerleading, include a lot of running, jumping, and flipping. …
  • Knee injuries. …
  • Concussions and other head injuries. …
  • Wrist injuries. …
  • Prevention of cheerleading injuries is possible.

What is the most common injury in cheerleading? The most common injuries in cheerleaders also: Strains and sprains account for more than half of all cheerleading injuries. Of these, ankle sprains are the most common, followed by strains or sprains of the neck, lower back, knees and wrists.

How does cheer affect mental health? Cheerleading exercise played a positive role in improving psychological symptoms and the overall level of mental health of female students.

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Is Competitive cheer a real sport?

Cheerleading has competitions and they score and win just like any other sport.” Shaneace Virgil, a Bowie State graduate and former Golden Girl, said that by any definition cheerleading is a sport. On the same subject : The numbers associated with American college football are staggering. “Cheerleading encompasses many different aspects — from physicality to showmanship ,” Virgil said.

In which states is cheerleading considered a sport? The adoption of cheerleading makes California the ninth state to recognize it as a competitive sport.

Does the NCAA recognize cheerleading as a sport? Cheerleading FAQs Yes, cheerleading is a sport, but it is not currently recognized by the NCAA as a sanctioned sport. For this reason, there is less funding available to coaches for college cheer scholarships.

Is Competitive cheer a sport 2022?

For the first time in the history of the Games, Competitive Cheerleading will be featured at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games. To see also : Watch: NFL World Welcomes Ravens Cheerleader Video. This sport consists of two events with over 150 athletes! Athletes can show their skills in their routine with cheers, stunts and spirit!

Is cheer officially a sport? While the NCAA does not recognize cheerleading as a sport, more than 250 colleges across all three NCAA division levels offer cheerleading programs.

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