‘Lakers girls are terrible…No one calls timeout in Utah to watch performers’: Magic Johnson-era Lakers cheerleaders discussed on Gilbert Arenas’ no-holds-barred commentary

The NBA is quite popular for its crazy halftime shows, which sometimes feature some of the biggest stars in entertainment. What’s more, dance shows performed by cheerleaders make the shows even more attractive. Teams across the league have been shifting to hosting family-friendly shows, and the former NBA star recently made some remarks about NBA cheerleaders that may upset some fans.

The former NBA star in question is none other than Gilbert Arenas. In a recent interview, he revealed how some players are more likely to indulge in trysts with cheerleaders. In addition, he also ensured that while some teams have good-looking cheerleaders, others do not. Interestingly, he feels the L.A. Lakers cheerleaders don’t look as good now as they did during the Showtime Lakers reign.

Gilbert Arenas reveals shocking details about NBA cheerleaders

Arenas kicked off an interview with YouTuber DJ Vlad, revealing that teams don’t really care if their players are engaged in interactions with the cheerleaders. The reason is? While the players are paid on huge contracts, the dancers are hired on contracts for $200 a day. To see also : Gaylord Cheerleader Homecoming Queen Fayth Sanom signs LOI for Alma College. They are not league employees.

Moreover, according to Arenas, cheerleading standards appear not to be the same across the league. Teams like the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks have great artists while the Lakers don’t. However, the Lakers had the league’s best Magic Johnson-era cheerleaders, the three-time All-Star admitted.

Arenas said, “First, there are only a few teams that have good enough cheerleaders that you want to take seriously. You’ve got Miami, Atlanta, Lakers girls are terrible. I haven’t seen the new ones, but Lakers girls are like that, there are teams that like to look and there are teams that dance.

He went on to say, “No one announces a break in Utah to see the dancers.” According to Arenas, unlike the state of Utah, timeouts are called during Miami Heat games to catch a glimpse of artists.

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The Miami Heat are not performing according to expectations

While the Heat may have the best cheerleaders in the league, the same cannot be said for their team right now. On the same subject : Preseason Falcons – Jets Monday Night Football open thread. The Heat are seventh in the Eastern Conference standings with a 24-21 record.

Jimmy Butler is having a decent season, averaging 22.1 points, 6.4 rebounds and 5.2 assists. Bam Adebayo also played a major role in the team’s success, averaging 21.4 points, 10.1 rebounds and 3.1 assists. With a good squad and good players, much more is expected of the team.

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