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Thurston, featured in last year’s state championships, is among the teams expected to contend this year.

It’s the third week of January, and only three weeks remain until the OSAA Cheerleading Championships on February 11th at Oregon City High School.

Teams have officially registered for the event, and the nerves are starting to kick in. The work that has been done since last spring will be on display, and state champions will soon be crowned.

With the addition of the Game Day Division, there is an influx of teams registered for that culminating event. In addition, over the last three weekends, the sanctioned qualifying events have also seen many more teams take the mat to prepare for the state championships.

In the inaugural 4A/3A/2A/1A and 6A/5A Game Day division, Thurston, Central and Westside Christian started the year with strong performances. With three weeks left until the state championships, there are sure to be other teams competing for that top spot.

Rainier and Santiam Christian, last year’s first and second place teams, continue to battle it out in the 4A/3A/2A/1A division. However, Delphian and Central Linn, former state champions, don’t plan on giving up without a fight.

In the 4A division, Gladstone and Sweet Home are working hard for that top spot. Newport, a former champion, is also looking to reclaim the championship. However, newcomers moving from 5A to 4A this season, The Dalles and North Bend, could be surprise contenders.

Last year’s champion in the 5A division, Lebanon, came out strong and it’s clear they are working to repeat. However, South Albany and Ridgeview show no signs of giving up the fight for that state title.

In the 6A Small division, Newberg appears to be the favorite in their quest for their ninth state title. However, David Douglas and Lakeridge are working hard to dethrone the champions and take home that top spot

In the 6A Large division, Westview looks like they could add a 12th state title. However, Aloha and West Lin won’t make that historic achievement any easier for the Wildcats.

In the Co-ed division, Tualatin came out ready to fight for that blue trophy. However, McMinnville, a former state champion, is working hard to get back on top.

The next three weeks of qualifying events will help clarify which divisions will be close and which divisions will have clear frontrunners. However, one thing Sarah Devereaux, OCCA president, has noticed is the harmony between all the teams.

“Whether it’s because we’ve gotten past the limitations at competitions, or the fact that we appreciate what we have after the last few years, there’s a great camaraderie between the teams,” Devereaux said. “It’s amazing to see teams cheer. for each other; to see rivals cheer for rivals.”

The University of Delaware also won the Open Mascot National Championship and the Division I Hip Hop Dance National Championship, becoming the First State winners of four National Championships at the 2023 UCA and UDA College Nationals. West Branch XC Course – Lock Haven University – Lock Haven, Pa.

What is game day for cheer?

Game Day is a competition that takes the sideline cheers and traditions of teams and puts them in the spotlight! On the same subject : Operation Football Cheerleaders of the Week: Decatur Central High School.

How long is a game day cheer routine? In general, competitive cheerleaders are required not to exceed two minutes and 30 seconds in length. Many contests also have a minimum time requirement, which is often two minutes.

Why isn’t cheer a sport in college? Cheerleading does not qualify as a sport, at least not in the eyes of the N.C.A.A. and federal regulators, in part because some universities tried to circumvent gender equality rules by granting varsity status to cheer teams at the expense of conventionally competitive opportunities for women.

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Is cheerleading a girly sport?

Contrary to popular belief, cheerleading is not the female sport that people may think it is. See the article : North Carolina youth sports league flooded with nationwide support after local ‘bullying’ over rifle raffle. The Los Angeles Rams made headlines for their inclusion of what many believe was the first male cheerleader in Super Bowl LIII.

Can a man be a cheerleader? Cheerleading did not become a primarily women’s sport until the 1950s. Today there are over three thousand high school and college cheerleaders in the United States. 97% of all cheerleaders are female; however, about 50% of collegiate cheerleaders are male.

Why is cheerleading a female sport? During World War II, as men were drawn away from college and into military service, women in college began to take over cheerleading, and the nature of the sport began to change. Spectators began to emphasize the physical attractiveness of cheerleaders more than their athleticism.

Is cheerleading a feminine sport?

While female athletes have much more freedom to participate in athletics, cheerleading remains a feminine activity and continues to reflect a supporting role to male athletics. This may interest you : Future Alice Coyote cheerleaders participate in the Alice Cheer Clinic – Alice Echo News Magazine.

Was cheerleading a male dominated sport? Although we may think of cheerleading as a primarily female sport now, it began as an elite activity for men at Ivy League schools in the late 19th century. Many schools did not allow women to join teams until the 1920s.

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